Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 6 2020


Andrzej Mastalerz Variability of kinematics indicators in shot put technique depending on sports level© ►►►pp.3
A.A. Shalmanov, V.F. SkotnikovInteraction with support and bar in classic jerk in weightlifting© ►►►pp.6
Тоmasz Niźnikowski, Jerzy Sadowski Effects of verbal information on the process of learning round-off – double salto backward tucked during beam dismount© ►►►pp.9
Hubert Makaruk, Marcin StarzakAcute influence of loaded jump squat technique on kinetic variables in track and field athletes© ►►►pp.12

Dariusz Gierczuk, Igor Cieśliński, Mariusz Buszta, Jerzy SadowskiPhysical fitness profiles of elite freestyle male and female wrestlers© ►►►pp.15

E.V. Kargapolova, A.P. Koshkin, N.V. Dulina, Yu.A. DavydovaFootball as part of social capital of modern youth: regional aspect© ►►►pp.18

O.M. Shterts, Yu.K. ZhestkovaBiological feedback for emotional regulation in children practicing badminton© ►►►pp.21
S.K. BagadirovaPsychological aspects of design and implementation of training model in judo© ►►►pp.23
G.K. Biserova, N.G. GayfullinaRelationship between level of aggression and reaction rate in primary schoolchildren practicing fencing© ►►►pp.26
L.V. Yarchikovskaya, A.V. Sharonova, O.N. Ustinova, V.G. KrivoshchekovPhysical education to manage female students’ pre-examination state© ►►►pp.29

G.R. Shagivaleeva, G.K. Biserova, G. M. LdokovaVoluntary self-regulation of as factor of competitive success of taekwondokas© ►►►pp.32
G.Z. Khalikov, I.G. Gerasimova, I.Sh. Mutaeva, R.E. PetrovFunctional state of middle-distance runners in terms of training correction© ►►►pp.35
Barbara DługołęckaBone mineral status of young cyclists© ►►►pp.38

S.A. SedovTerminological aspect of definition of "culture" in context of higher pedagogical education quality improvement project in academic physical education discipline© ►►►pp.41
O.A. Makarova, N.G. Gayfullina, E.E. Merzon Psychological readiness for inclusive practices by future physical education teachers in comprehensive schools© ►►►pp.44
I.E. Konovalov, S.A. Eliseev, Yu.V. Boltikov, O.B. SolomakhinProfessiogram of professional activities of border control authorities to underlie their applied professional physical training© ►►►pp.47

E.A. Bayer, S.N. Pozhidaev, G.I. Lyashko, L.E. Kisileva Innovative model of physical education and sports disciplines in higher educational institutions© ►►►pp.50
V.Y. Shurygin, L.A. Krasnova, K.R. VolkovaRole of remote education technologies in physical education and sports training system at universities© ►►►pp.52
V.V. Ponomarev , D.V. Zhernakov, A.V. Ukolov, A.S. GorbachevPedagogical analysis of physical fitness of Siberian university students: status and prospects© ►►►pp.55
A.P. Strizhak, L.G. Ryzhkova, V.V. Bobkov, M.A. KuzminCircuit training method to train students for Russian GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.57
N.V. Kazantseva, O.I. Kuzmina, V.Yu. Lebedinsky, O.A. Shvachun, V.S. KazantsevFeatures of changes in students' body composition under aerobic exercises of various intensity© ►►►pp.60
A.Z. Minakhmetova, E.N. PyanovaPhysical education as a factor in suppressing destructive behavior of modern youth© ►►►pp.63

N.I. Ismailova, A.R. Khasanova Mutual coordination of sensorimotor activity for physical development of children with autism spectrum disorders© ►►►pp.66
A.P. Shklyarenko, T.G. Kovalenko, D.A. UlyanovPhysical education for functional and psychological rehabilitation© ►►►pp.69

V.G. Nikitushkin, N.G. Mikhailov, Yu.I. Razinov, I.I. Stolov Training schoolchildren for municipal competitions in supplementary education system© ►►►pp.72
G.M. Ldokova, K.R. Volkova, O.A. Razzhivin, A.N. Panfilov Interaction between coaches and junior and young powerlifters© ►►►pp.75

E.V. Milyakova, M.A. Vashchenko, V.P. DorganSpecial skills diagnostics in individual recreational therapeutic swimming training system© ►►►pp.78

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
T.A. Zemlyanukhina, T.V. Rybyakova, E.Yu. Podyacheva, T.I. Baranova Features of diving reflex in synchronized swimmers© ►►►pp.82
S.R. Sharifullina, Yu.K. Zhestkova, O.A. Razzhivin, S.Sh. ChernyshovaGame stretching to develop flexibility in junior rhythmic gymnasts© ►►►pp.85
M.S. Zarubina, L.B. Andryushchenko, Yu.O. Averyasova, Valentina Ginevičienė, I.V. Organ3x3 basketball competitions organization models at Tokyo 2020 Olympics© ►►►pp.88
Jerzy Sadowski Transfer of effect of dry-land resistance training on speed and parameters of swimming technique© ►►►pp.91
I.Y. Gorskaya, I.V. Averyanov, E.N. MironenkoEvaluation criteria of overall coordination preparedness of football players© ►►►pp.94

V.A. Litovchenko, D.A. Zubkov, T.V. FendelSports cluster as innovative form in development of sports reserve training system© ►►►pp.98
D.G. Stepyko, D.V. Gracheva, A.A. Golova, O.N. Andryushchenko Role of state policy in development of experimental and innovation activities in physical education and sport sector© ►►►pp.101
I.V. Maslova, I.E. Krapotkina, V.A. MartynovaNutrition for human physical development: historical perspective and current state of problem© ►►►pp.104

T.Yu. Cherkesov, A.N. Konopleva, R.M. BittirovActions to improve speed and strength abilities of weightlifters in hand squat in conditions of specialized training device© ►►►pp.5
V.V. Antsyperov, N.L. GoryachevaImprovement of vestibular apparatus of elite acrobats© ►►►pp.14
I.V. PiskunovEfficiency of presynaptic inhibition in sprinters of different qualifications© ►►►pp.20
A.V. AntipovEffectiveness of block attention development technology in youth football© ►►►pp.28
T.V. Timokhina, N.M. Tolkova Application of health promotion educational technologies in child care centers© ►►►pp.31
P.V. Kvashuk, I.N. Maslova, G.N. SemaevaElite rowers training loads© ►►►pp.34
I.N. Medvedev, A.S. MakhovFunctional features of junior footballers with down syndrome© ►►►pp.40
O.G. Rysakova, A.N. Vegele, A.S. Makhov Tools to estimate technical fitness of skilled snowboarders in parallel disciplines© ►►►pp.46
E.V. Burtseva, V.A. Burtsev, M.N. ChapurinMotor gift diagnostics in children at primary stage of sports selection© ►►►pp.54
A.V. Petrushenko Tumbling skills difficulty in cheerleading© ►►►pp.62
E.F. Gaysina, A.S. PrikhodkinAnalysis of macro- and micro-elemental composition of mixed saliva in athletes© ►►►pp.65
T.V. Timchenko, E.P. ArtemenkoScandinavian walking in physical rehabilitation© ►►►pp.68
Shargawe Ali Shakir Hussein, P.K. Petrov Comprehensive use of basic gymnastics in physical training of young footballers© ►►►pp.77
R.T. Khusnutdinov, L.A. ParfenovaModern problems of elite weightlifter training© ►►►pp.87
A.V. Salugin, V.V. KozinFeatures of systematization of minimum fight situations by junior kickboxers© ►►►pp.90
A.S. Zukhov, S.P. StrelnikovEffect of running load on jerk performance© ►►►pp.93
A.S. Makhov, I.N. MedvedevPhysiologically justified rehabilitation of athletes after knee ligament plastics© ►►►pp.106