Sports cluster as innovative form in development of sports reserve training system


Postgraduate student V.A. Litovchenko1
PhD, Associate Professor D.A. Zubkov1
PhD, Associate Professor T.V. Fendel1
1Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky

Objective of the study was to substantiate the effectiveness of the sports project based on the cluster management model.
Methods and structure of the study. The "Sport - Way to victory" project was implemented through the creation of the Perm region sports cluster on ski jumping and Nordic combined, which was based on the organization of joint activity of the cluster participants. The main idea of the project is to organize training camps akin to "summer camp" for ski jumpers and Nordic combined skiers, while simultaneously improving the skills of coaches with the involvement of the leading, including foreign specialists, and involve these specialists directly in the training process, while simultaneously organizing the educational, leisure and educational events for athletes.
Results and conclusions. The project involved 128 athletes representing 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation; 86 coaches who had undergone advanced training; Olympic champions and medalists - Maren Lundby, Robert Johansson, Johann André Forfang, Daniel-André Tande who conducted master classes and shared their experience with the Russian colleagues. The training, educational, recreational and developmental activities were organized for the athletes; medical and pedagogical observations and psychological diagnostics were carried out during the project implementation. The project enabled to identify and formulate the legal, financial, educational and informational problems to be solved by the Perm region institutions participating in the organization of the ski jumping and Nordic combined competitions, from the point of view of further development of the region.
The "Sport - Way to Victory" project is an efficient and promising form of joint activity of the organizations participating in the competitive activities, so it makes sense to implement the project in other sports.

Keywords: sports cluster; sports university; ski jumping, Nordic combined.


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