Psychological readiness for inclusive practices by future physical education teachers in comprehensive schools


O.A. Makarova1
N.G. Gayfullina1
PhD, Associate Professor E.E. Merzon1
1Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, Elabuga

Objective of the study was to identify the psychological readiness of future physical education teachers for the implementation of inclusive practices at comprehensive school.
Methods and structure of the study. The study involved 73 students majoring in Pedagogical Education (Physical Culture and Life Safety profile), including 42 2nd-3rd-year students and 31 4th-5th-year students. The subjects were surveyed by questionnaire and methodology containing professional inclusive education tasks.
Results and conclusions. The junior students were more psychologically ready to work at inclusive education institutions and assist children with special needs as opposed to the undergraduates. This may be due to the greater awareness of the 4th-5th-year students of the difficulties in teaching children with special needs and the resulting lack of confidence in their professional competence. While solving professional tasks, all students demonstrated understanding at a high level, but were poorly oriented in the problem techniques, their presentation, were not ready to develop a self-training plan in the field of inclusion. To increase the level of psychological readiness of future physical education teachers for inclusion, it is necessary to train them in the teaching methods according to the children's nosology.

Keywords: psychological readiness, inclusive education, inclusion, physical education teacher.


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