Efficiency of presynaptic inhibition in sprinters of different qualifications

Postgraduate student I.V. Piskunov
Velikie Luki State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Velikie Luki

Key words: presynaptic inhibition of the Ia afferents of H-reflex stimulation.

When using all three delays between conditioning and testing stimuli, high-skilled sprinters have a significantly smaller increase in the amplitude of the H-reflex (p<0.05) than low-skilled sprinters. This fact indicates that presynaptic inhibition Of ia afferents coming from m. quadriceps to m. soleus motor neurons, more pronounced in highly qualified sprinters.


  1. Gorodnichev RM Sports electromyography / RM Gorodnichev. Velikiye Luki, 2005, 229 p.

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