Tumbling skills difficulty in cheerleading

Postgraduate student A.V. Petrushenko
Tyumen State University, Tyumen

Keywords: cheerleading, cheer sport, competition rules, acrobatics, difficulty, complexity.

The study of the subjective difficulty of cheerleading elements revealed a gap between the difficulty of ACR and the difficulty of ST and WB by more than 2 levels of difficulty. Taking into account the actual competitive result of the respondents, we recommend increasing the level of complexity of the ACR elements in the rules and methodological programs based on them for training athletes by at least 1 point.
We recommend the following distribution of elements for the ICU, ECU and RCU rules, according to which spring‑loaded gymnastic platforms are not used in competitions: 1st level – wheel, rondat; 2nd level‑forward and backward flip (turn one without a flight phase); 3rd level (children 8-11 years old in RCU) – flak from a place and in bundles; 4th level‑backflip in a group from a place and in bundles, fly flip sideways; 5th level (juniors 12-16 years old in RCU RCU) – back flips in a bent and straight body position, tempo flips, forward flips; Level 6 (adults 15 years and older in RCU) - backflip with a screw.


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