Comprehensive use of basic gymnastics in physical training of young footballers

Postgraduate student Shargawe Ali Shakir Hussein1
Dr.Hab., Professor P.K. Petrov1
1Udmurt State University, Izhevsk

Key words: complex use, means basic gymnastics, physical fitness, young footbo- sheets.

Introduction. A definite landmark in the physical the training of young football players, the indicators of the total and special physical fitness of football players depending on the stage of preparation, provided for in the adopted in 2013 by the Federal standard for sports cooking in the sport "football" (FSSP). But as shown our studies on conformity assessment physical fitness of young football players requires Niyam FSSP in the sport football, test results most of the control tests did not meet regulations stipulated by the standard [3], which requires search for a variety of physical exercises and techniques in the physical training of young football players [1, 2].
The purpose of the study is to substantiate the effectiveness of com-complex use of basic gymnastics equipment in the physical training of young football players.
Research methodology and organization. Work wire was conducted in the period from 2015 to 2018 on the basis of AU UR FC "Zenit-Izhevsk ", MBU" Sports School "Constellation" ", MBOU "Sports Lyceum No. 82" and the Institute of Physical Culture and sports of UdSU. 50 young football players took part in it 11-13 years old. Before the start of the formative pedagogical During the experiment, all young footballers were subdivided into two groups: experimental, football players from AU UR FC Zenit-Izhevsk - 25 people, and control, football players MBU "Sports School" Constellation "" - 25 people who by the main indicators of general physical and special physical training provided by the Federal the standard of sports training in the sport "foot bol ", had approximately the same level of preparedness sti (p> 0.05). For the experiment was developed tana tructural-logical model of physical fitness young footballers based on integrated use means of basic gymnastics and identified organizational and pedagogical conditions for its implementation in the process of educational training sessions in the form of direct training training in football and in the form of physical lessons culture with a gymnastic orientation with a complex using the means of basic gymnastics.
Research results and their discussion. Complex-the use of basic gymnastics means in experimental mental group in the form of a lesson for three years during the academic year allowed to significantly increase the level of their general and special physical fitness according to the FSSP standards for the sport "football", which is is confirmed by the results of mathematical and statistical processing between experimental and control data groups at the beginning and at the end of the pedagogical experiment (p <0.05). In addition, young football players are experimental groups have significantly improved their results and in terms of tivam of a comprehensive physical education program secondary school students.
Output. Integrated use of funds of the main gymnastics in the educational and training process of young footbo-sheets can significantly increase the level of their physical skysky preparedness.


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