Elite rowers training loads

Dr.Hab., Professor P.V. Kvashuk1
PhD, Associate Professor I.N. Maslova2
PhD G.N. Semaeva1
1Russian Federal Research Center for Physical Culture and Sports (VNIIFK), Moscow), Moscow
2Voronezh State Institute of Physical Culture, Voronezh

Keywords: paddlers on kayaks and canoes, training loads, intensity zones, training exercises.

An increase in the impact of training load on the body of rowers should be associated with an increase in the speed of performing training exercises in different zones of intensity while stabilizing the indicators of rowing volume.


  1. Kvashuk P. V. Criteria for the evaluation of the functional state rowers of high qualification [Text] / P. V. kvashuk, V. Verlin C., G. N. Semaev // Bulletin of sports science, 2008, no. 4, Pp. 20-26.

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