Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2017

L.I. Lubysheva – Modern sport science: from stagnation to new development paradigm© ►►►pp.3-5
M.A. Elmurzaev, I.A. Panchenko – Activity and operation in physical recreation domain: definitions and applications© ►►►pp.6-8
A.A. Peredelsky – Philosophical and sociological basics of physical culture and sport education process© ►►►pp.9-11
N.V. Smirnova, M.A. Elmurzaev – Physical recreation: present situation and development prospects© ►►►pp.12-14

N.A. Vakhnin, E.G. Vakhnina – Valueology-driven educational service in technical university students' physical educationto facilitate professional training and individual creativity building process© ►►►pp.15-16
O.V. Kostromin, A.V. Zaitsev – Applied competitive boxing practices in academic physical education system© ►►►pp.17-18
N.A. Zinoviev, E.A. Bavykin – Health value in students' system of values in the context of sporting activity© ►►►pp.19-20
V.A. Kuvanov, E.N. Korostelev – Students' awareness of healthy lifestyles: questionnaire survey and analysis© ►►►pp.21-22
I.A. Panchenko, V.I. Grigoriev – GTO Complex as a basis for academic physical education efficiency improvement© ►►►pp.23-25
G.M. Kazantinova, S.N. Fedoryachenko, O.V. Korobova, A.A. Kumantseva – Students exempted from academic physicaleducation: physical working capacity rating study© ►►►pp.26-28
E.Y. Novikova, E.V. Malakhova, A.V. Galukhin, P.A. Kostin – Physical Culture values in economics students' professionaleducation system© ►►►pp.29-30

A.V. Ukolov, V.V. Ponomarev, D.V. Zhernakov, A.N. Lagunov – Siberian Fire Rescue Academy of Russian SFS ESRM:applied professional physical competences building system© ►►►pp.31-32
A.A. Lapidus, N.N. Bumarskova – Academic sports for construction sector specialist's vocational specialization© ►►►pp.33-34

V.N. Smolentseva, A.F. Khamzin – Ideomotor perceptions to facilitate technical skills mastering process in football© ►►►pp.35-36
M.A. Kuzmin, V.A. Dorofeev – Mental adaptation to competitions in martial arts© ►►►pp.37-39
E.A. Izotov, N.N. Smirnova – Ideomotor training to facilitate darts player's precompetitive mobilisation rate© ►►►pp.40-42
D.S. Saveliev, S.A. Sidorenko – Effects of competitive martial arts on first-year students' psychophysiology© ►►►pp.43-45

A.V. Kylasov, E.A. Gureeva – Ethnic sports branding and promotion aspects© ►►►pp.46-48
M.R. Miftakhov, M.M. Bariev, Т.V. Kramin – People's sport activity as a factor of economic growth (case study of Kazan)© ►►►pp.49-52

G.V. Rudenko, G.I. Mokeev – Junior boxers' integrated training system© ►►►pp.53-55

R.R. Abzalov, N.I. Abzalov, A.M. Valeev, R.A. Abzalov, S.V. Abzalova, А.A. Rusakov – Heart contractive activity specificsin speed endurance building process© ►►►pp.56-58
Y.S. Vanyushin, R.R. Khayrullin, D.E. Yelistratov – Role of coefficient of comprehensive assessment of cardiorespiratorysystem in diagnostics of athlete's functional state© ►►►pp.59-61
R.W. Tambovtseva, J.L. Voytenko, A.I. Laptev, O.S. Zhumaev – Effects of small doses of exogenous ammonium succinateon cardiovascular and respiratory system functionality rates in rehabilitation period following aerobic exercise© ►►►pp.62-64

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
A.G. Levitsky, D.A. Matveyev, A.A. Potsipun, E.Y. Gaponova – Body position control in o-soto-gari throws performedin competitive bouts© ►►►pp.66-67
L.B. Andryushchenko, S.V. Chernov, A.A. Markova, O.N. Andryushchenko – Highly-skilled female basketball players'competitive three-point scoring analysis© ►►►pp.68-71
G.I. Mokeev, G.V. Rudenko – Boxers' training process design and content within half-year training macrocycle© ►►►pp.72-74
A.I. Kondrukh – Practical shooting sport in Russian sport system: essential specifications and features© ►►►pp.75-77
N.N. Sentyabrev, A.G. Kamchatnikov, E.P. Gorbaneva, I.N. Solopov, A.R. Juraev, N.A. Koreneva – Rekitsen-RD bioactivefood additive administered on regular basis: effects on runners' functionality rates© ►►►pp.78-79

N.V. Peshkova, S.M. Kosenok – Mass university sports development projects: multilateral management model© ►►►pp.83-85
M.A. Rodionova – Competitiveness of autonomous sports establishments© ►►►pp.86-87
N.R. Usaeva, A.A. Povzun, V.D. Povzun, V.V. Apokin – Academic sports disciplines: educational stress analysis© ►►►pp.88-90
A.A. Peshkov, I.M. Salakhov, A.A. Pasishnikov – Hiking training of university students within fulfillment of RPCSC «Readyfor work and defence» standards© ►►►pp.91-92

G.F. Shafranov-Kutsev, L.M. Volosnikova, G.Z. Yefimova – Teachers' physical activity and health strategies in Tyumen Region© ►►►pp.94-96
V.K. Spirin, L.V. Smirnova, O.A. Chupekhina – Health building resource of school education mobilizing based on environmental educative potential© ►►►pp.97-99
L.A. Semenov – Effects of third physical education lesson on primary pupils' physical conditioning process© ►►►pp.100-102
A.I. Ryabchikov – Fitness and its role in physical culture© ►►►pp.103-104