Physical recreation: present situation and development prospect


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2017, pp.12-14

PhD N.V. Smirnova
PhD, Associate Professor M.A. Elmurzaev
St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg

In the present period of the new knowledge, experience and empirical data in the physical recreation domain being accumulated, an increasingly high priority is given to their theoretical digesting process. The empirical data obtained in the physical recreation domain will be subject to a comprehensive theoretical analyses and summations. First some generalizing features, notions and logics need to be identified with a special emphasis on semantics of the subject and a variety of deep-rooted correlations i.e. every aspect of the relevant notion, and then it may be used for the theory development process.
The article analyses the present situation in the national theory, practice and empirical studies of physical recreation and critically overviews the relevant foreign concepts to find the most promising ways for the sector development in the modern Russian society. Presently the national theory has come to a breakthrough in realising the nature of physical recreation, with an increasingly high priority being given to its social, psychological and cultural aspects. It may be pertinent to state that the socio-cultural cognitive domain may be viewed as the most promising and beneficial field in the process.

Keywords: physical recreation, cultural aspect, motor activity, leisure, development prospects.


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