Valueology-driven educational service in technical university students' physical educationto facilitate professional training and individual creativity building process


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2017, pp.15-16

PhD, Associate Professor N.A. Vakhnin
PhD, Associate Professor E.G. Vakhnina
St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg

Technical university students and graduates have to be highly physically fit, particularly in the specialties that expose them to health risks, and the relevant competencies will be provided by the academic education system. Presently Mining University students are subject to valueology-driven physical education system. Objective of the study was survey technical university students regarding their attitude to academic physical culture and sport based on the values-driven educational service. Subject to the survey were 17-22 year-old (n=353) full-time students including 172 males and 181 females sampled at every academic department and course. The sample covered not only the students residing in Saint Petersburg city, but was 73% dominated by non-residents of the latter.
The survey data and analysis showed the valueology-driven educational service in the academic physical education and sport system being highly beneficial as verified by the students’ healthy lifestyles and social adaptability rating criteria, the progress being important for their social development on the whole. The students’ physical progress rating criteria showed the academic physical education system being effective albeit further persistent improvements are still needed to the existing healthy lifestyle promotion models and methods.

Keywords: students, health, harmony, physical education, healthy lifestyle, safety, dysfunction.


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