Health value in students' system of values in the context of sporting activity


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2017, pp.19-20

O.N. Zinoviev
E.A. Bavykin

St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg

The study was designed to rate health in the system of values of the sporting versus non-sporting students; and it found health being ranked high on the list of the young people’s values albeit it should be noted that the sampled students on the whole tended to rate their health as mean. The actual health self-rates were found to show no correlation with the health importance rate that may be interpreted is indicative of a significant disagreement of the need and reality in the health domain. Objective of the study was to explore the students’ values in context of the academic sporting activity.
Sport practices may be viewed as the factor that increases the health value in the individual system of values and both consolidates this system and increases the role of health in the individual system of values. Active sports were found to step up the health value in the individual system of values in total with the growing sport mastery being associated with the increasingly optimistic expectations related to the individual sport careers. The study data demonstrates the need in special initiatives to build up the health value and promote healthy living standards in student population on the whole and non-sporting groups in particular, with due regard to those who retired or close to retirement from active sports.

Keywords: health, priority values, physical culture and sports.


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