Activity and operation in physical recreation domain: definitions and applications


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2017, pp.6-8

PhD, Associate Professor M.A. Elmurzaev
PhD I.A. Panchenko
St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg

Modern physical recreation science has recently seen a fast growth of the theoretical studies to advance the still underdeveloped field of theoretical knowledge, with a special emphasis on the practical basics of the studies including the key definitions, notions, categories and operational logics. New scientific disciplines have emerged to study a variety of physical recreation issues; new empirical data were obtained to expand the subject fields; and studies of this subject fields called for further clarifications of their contents and new interpretations. Presently the notions of activity and operation are often interpreted as synonymic albeit their meanings and definitions are somewhat different in fact. The article makes an attempt to analyse the existing viewpoints on the notions of activity and operation to underline the differences in their meanings and definitions in the physical recreation domain.

Keywords: physical recreation, activity, operation, motor activity, physical recreational activity.


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