Academic sports for construction sector specialist's vocational specialization


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №5 2017, pp.33-34

Dr.Sc.Tech., Professor A.A. Lapidus
PhD, Associate Professor N.N. Bumarskova
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow

The Physical Education and Sport Department of the National Research Moscow State Construction University (NRMSCU) management takes persistent efforts to facilitate the construction sector specialists’ vocational specialisation at the University using a variety of modern educational, practical, research and process design tools to help the graduates take full advantage of the academic knowledge and competencies in their professional careers based on good health and high workability rates attained in the academic physical cultural and sporting process at the Physical Education and Sport Department of NRMSCU.
The article presents findings of the practical study viewed as the first development stage in the fundamental research thrust geared to secure due applied professional physical fitness of students based on a new sports-prioritising model. In practical terms, the study offers the efficient sports-prioritising model applicable in the physical education courses of construction universities to facilitate training in specific specialities of highest demand by the national construction sector.

Keywords: education classes, applied professional physical training, bachelor, master, specialist, postgraduate, professionally important mental and physical qualities.


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