Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 4 2023



L.I. Lubysheva, S.I. Rosenko International activity of sports universities: state and trends of development 3
A.D. Dougblay, E.A. Lubyshev, A.V. Titovsky, A.A. Krasilnikov Limiting factors of investment activity of the sports industry on the example of international football competitions in Russia 6
I.V. Pavlyuchenko, T.V. Bart, G.I. Aleeva, S.N. SkorokhodovModern conditions for the development of a new sport "Flying Disc" 9
M.S. Taranukha, T.V. Bart, L.P. Mokrova, I.A. OsipovaModern approaches to the assessment of tools for the promotion of military­applied sports 12


A.V. Ermakov, E.N. Skarzhinskaya Big data analysis as a tool for assessing the professionalization of computer sports 15
M.G. Kolyada, S.I. Belykh, T.I. Bugaeva, E.Yu. Donichenko Creating a training multimedia course on methodological support of training sessions 18


A.G. Bilenko, L.P. Govorkov, G.P. Ivanova, B.E. Losin Features of high­speed shooting in modern sport 21
A.P. Kizko Scientific foundations of sports training planning: a new methodological approach 24
E.A. Kosmina, Yu.M. Makarov, A.I. Chernaya, O.N. Gural Signs of adaptability of cybersportsmen to the virtual environment  27
I.Yu. Pugachev, G.N. Ponomarev, P.V. Rodichkin, F.F. Kostov Determination of the informative components of the validity of the reactive maneuverability of the motor potential of a fencer by the "information compression" method30
I.A. Tolstopyatov, E.N. Konopleva, E.V. Redi, A.N. Lisovik,G.N. Bortnikova Influence of the speed abilities of swimmers­diverers on sports results 33
S.Yu. Zavalishina, A.V. Dorontsev, N.N. Voronova, K.K. Skorosov Influence of power sports on the balance function of the body 36
G.V. Barchukova, A.I. LaptevDetermination of the level of influence of different coordination abilities on the accuracy of impact actions in table tennis 38


Yu.S. Vanyushin, D.E. Elistratov, N.A. Fedorov, M.I. RakhimovStages of adaptation as an important factor in the ability of the athletes' body to adapt to the action of loads of increasing power 41
N.S. Tribrat, S.V. Pogodina, E.A. Biryukova, E.N. Chuyan Urgent adaptive effects of a single intake of carbohydrate­electrolyte mixture with plant extracts in maintaining microcirculation parameters of highly qualified athletes 44
I.N. Medvedev, O.A. Razzhivin, A.V. Dorontsev, V.V. BelyaevFunctional features of the heart in cyclists 47
I.M. Mazikin, M.M. Lapkin, R.A. Zorin, A.L. Pokhachevsky, M.V. Akulina Physiological mechanisms determining the performance of passing control standards for physical culture 49
A.V. Elikov, M.M. Korosteleva, R.A. Khanferyan Dependence of the state of metabolism on the time of cessation of sports activities of former athletes 52
I.P. Zaitseva The influence of functional states on the normative indicators of cross­country running of students before and after the COVID­19 pandemic 55


I.N. Venediktov, L.V. Yarchikovskaya, O.V. Mironova, A.V. Sharonova,S.M. Lukina Increasing students' performance by the method of regulated breath control 58
D.N. Maltsev, N.V. Kotryakhov, V.A. Sakharov, I.V. Maltseva The use of body­oriented physical exercises for the formation of professional self­awareness of students of psychological and pedagogical areas 61


S.P. Levushkin, A.I. Laptev, O.F. Zhukov, V.D. SonkinPhysical workability children of primary school age 64
G.A. Gilev, Ch.T. Ivankov, M.A. Komlev, V.V. Belyaev, E.A. Zubko Distinctive features of the manifestation of physical qualities of high school girls depending on their morphofunctional type 67


A.S. Kasmalieva Formation of professional competencies of future physical education teachers  70
P.G. Bordovskiy, T.K. Sakharnova, G.R. Aizyatullova, V.I. Zhukova Teaching the discipline "Theory and methods of teaching basic sports: gymnastics" in a distance format 73
E.G. Ionkina, E.V. Nikenina, A.V. Kolchin, S.G.I. Ibraimov, D.S. Melnikov, E.A.BokhanSuccessfulness as a basis for purposeful behaviour 75


A.V. Malyshev, V.Yu. Karpov, E.A. Zubko, M.О. Odintsova Health state of asthenized children with low physical activity 78
Yu.B. Kazaryan, G.M. Yulamanova, A.Yu. Kostarev, A.V. DanilovPhysical training of highly qualified paracanoists in a year macrocycl  81


R. Gantulga, L. Erdenepurev Evaluation of the technical parameters of sports activity of the women's team of the mongolian student basketball league 83
Guo Ernie, L.G. Ryzhkova, Zhai Xingchen, Zhao ZijianStandards determining the requirements for professional qualities, knowledge and abilities of bachelor graduates in the field of physical culture and sports in the People's Republic of China 86
M.M. Polishkis, Lin Yaqi, A.A. Pleshakov Efficiency of motor activity of highly qualified football players in china taking into account the intensity of training at small venues 89

«TRAINER» – journal in journal

O.S. Kogan, R.M. Yamileva, A.V. Greb Influence of conditions of professional activity on the health of athletes of speed­strength sports 94
A.M. Fokin, I.Yu. Pugachev, F.F. Kostov, P.V. Stankevich Influence of 3x3 basketball on the development of motor and cognitive abilities of student youth 97
V.V. Farbey, E.G Zhevlakov, G.N. Ponomarev Training of qualified biathletes using breathing simulators  100
M.M. Tcepelevich, A.S. Okuneva, D.N. Savin, I.V. GolovanovaThe relationship between multiple object tracking accuracy and match performance of hockey defenders 13-­15 years old 103
T.V. Artamonova, I.V. Averyanov, E.V. Makarova, I.K. Spirina, T.V. Berezantseva­Nizyaeva Kinesthetic coordination abilities in the structure of sports training of young football players 106


L.I. Lubysheva Leading trends of promotion of VFSK "GTO"in the challenges of the new reality 109


E.N. Bobkova, L.V. Vinogradova, E.A. Zyurin, E.N. Petruk VFSK GTO: state and prospects of development  110
L.I. Kostyunina, S.V. Bogatova, A.A. Barannikov Functioning model of the GTO Testing Center on the basis of a pedagogical university 113
S.V. Skrygin, P.V. Galochkin, A.L. Yurchenko, V.L. Anurov Features of the influence of the factor of internal aggression on the socialization of athletes after the completion of the career 116


L.E. Varfolomeeva, S.V. Novozhilova Gymnastic preparation in classes for physical education in university 5
Aidan Rizvan gizi Aliyeva Social and pedagogical features of the olympic movement in the Republic of Azerbaijan 8
S.A. Grigan, T.V. Zaitseva, V.I. Tyutyunnikov Organizational conditions for attracting people with disabilities to mass sports 11
He Weiming, N.F. Singina Indicators of technical readiness as a criterion for assessing performance skills in dance sport  14
O.P. Kiseleva, E.A. Milashechkina Influence of orienting sports on indicators of higher nervous activity in university students 29
V.V. Ponomarev, V.M. Kravchenko, L.A. Bartnovskaya Mobility of the spinal department of schoolchildren living in the Far North 35
S.M. Voronin, S.F. BurukhinAcrobatics in the physical training of sambists 43
A.D. Movshovich, Liang ZengjianChina fencers at the Оlympic Games 57
N.S. Bakhareva, E.K. Gordeeva, V.A. Fedko Somatotypological characteristics of persons of the youthful age period who are studying at physical education universities 63
A.N. Bolgov, A.V. Burov, A.M. Karagodina"Shutch running" as a universal means of physical training of basketball players 66
I.N. Medvedev, O.V. Kotova, G.B. Ukolova, E.V. Kichigina Physiological characteristics of the heart of young gymnasts 80
E.A. Milashechkina Adaptive potential of the circulatory system of female students with vegetovascular dystonia, engaged in recreational gymnastics 85
G.P. Chernyavsky, N.A. Fomina Connected solution of professionally significant educational and health tasks in the process of motor­coordinating preparation of actors at the university 88
V.I. Lyakh, S.P. Levushkin The influence of sports training based on the implementation of block periodization on the physiological indicators of athletes 91
S.Y. Zavalishina, S.V. Tokareva, E.V. Kichigina, A.V. SkriplevFunctional capabilities of untrained teenagers 92
R.G. Ardashev, V.N. Turkova Anti­corruption culture among athlete 102
L.V. Morozova, L.A. Kiryanova, O.V. Lyashenko Application of fitness­tennis in the sectional work of the university of public service 105
A.S. Sobeshchakova Performance results of the russian national rhythmic gymnastics team athletes at major international competitions as an objective criterion of the development of the high­performance sport in the country  118