Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 12 2022


O.N. Kudrya, E.A. Reutskaya, V.V. Kalsina Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training process of highly qualified biathletes in the preparatory period3
S.I. Belousov, P.V. KvashukEfficiency of application of computer-diagnostic simulator complex for technical training of young rowers of academists6
D.E. Golovko, A.I. Zagrevskaya, T.A. Shilko Influence of kinesiological means on motor fitness of 15-16-year-old skiers-racers9
Ya.S. Romanova, N.S. ZagurskiyFeatures of technical and tactical actions of highly qualified biathletes in the sprint12
N.A. Fedyaev, S.Yu. Nikitchenko, A.N. Melentiev, I. S-Kh. Musaev Influence of morphological indicators on the technical arsenal of sambo wrestlers15
V.A. Britsky, V.A. Aikin, K.Yu Simonova Actual issues of improving the training of fencers-epee fencers in foreign literature19
Lin Yaqi, M.M. Polishkis, A.A. PleshakovImproving the motor activity of highly qualified football players in China taking into account the variation of the intensity of training at small venues21
S.L. Konikov, A.A. Peredelsky, A.A. Mamedov, R. Muradov, K.Yu. DonskikhApplied martial arts: theoretical premises and empirical research23
A.A. Pleshakov, Yu.S. Zhemchug, A.S. Shadrin, S.V. KharinPlanning training loads in the preparation of the university combined student team in mini-football26
E.M. Kalinin, V.A. Kuzmichev, A.A. Khomyakova, A.V. Leksakov Characteristics of the competitive activity of football players of various playing roles in youth national teams28

R.V. Tambovtseva, S.G. Seiranov, Yu.L. Voitenko, A.I. Laptev Influence of load of stepwise increasing power on blood saturation in athletes in the state of normoxia and acute hypoxia31
Yu.V. Koryagina, S.V. Nopin, S.M. Abutalimova Morphofunctional state of athletes with a history of Сovid-19 in the conditions of the middle mountains33
A.S. Maksimova, O.G. Litovchenko Peculiarities of autonomic regulation of heart rhythm in volleyball–athletes with hearing impairment in the northern region36
E.S. Kachenkova, M.A. Grishan, S.Yu. Zavalishina, Yu.V. Zbrueva Functional capabilities of the respiratory system in young athletes39
E.S. Negodenko, E.V. Medvedeva, L.V. KapilevichVariability of ankle movements as a fatigue factor in runners42
S.N. Neupokoev, Yu.P. Bredikhina, V.G. Shilko, N.L. Guseva, E.V. LosonInfluence of multidirectional motor activity on indicators of external respiration functions in the process of special physical training in boxing44
А.А. Semchenko, N.V. Mamylina, Yu.V. Korchemkina, А.V. SavchenkovPhysiological effects of the introducing of the program of personalized support for adolescent chess players47
M.A. Grishan, S.Yu. Zavalishina, S.V. Tokareva, A.Yu. SkripinaFunctional features of the heart of swimmers50
I.S. Sturchak, T.F. Abramova, T.M. Nikitina, A.V. PolfutikovaDetermination of the information content of the vibraimage parameters in highly qualified athletes specializing in bullet and clay shooting52

O.A. Kotlyarova, O.N. Povalyaeva, U.I. TurkoDigital competence of teachers in the context of modern challenges and risks55

A.S. Grachev, D.E. Egorov, E.N. Kopeikina, A.S. SheplyakovEvaluation of changes in the motives for physical culture and sports among students during the period of self-isolation58
E.V. Zvonova, S.B. Seryakova, I.A. Kerimova, T.V. ArtyushkinaSocial representations of health among students-athletes and students not involved in sports61
T.N. Shutova, E.O. Rybakova, S.V. Kolotilshchikova, L.P. OkulovaDigital tool for assessing the functional state of students64
S.P. Shepel, E.Yu. Vnukova, S.B. Mavrina, Yu.V. Kruglova –  Impact of sleep on health and performance students67

A.A. Khramov, I.S. Nekrasov, S.I. Pakanich, N.B. LelikFloorball as a means of additional physical training of cadets of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia70

A.Yu. Zagorodnikova, A.V. Zhalilov, D.M. Pravdov, A.Yu. Sheveleva Training in the technique of skiing for adults during self-study72
V.V. Ismiyanov, I.I. Gotovtsev, L.D. RybinaConceptual principles and regularities of technology of sports education and socialization of student orphans in conditions of integration "school - secondary vocational education - university"75
V.S. SosunovskyMotor activity of children during stay in a preschool educational institution78
V.G. Shilko, N.L. GusevaComparative analysis of motor activity and physical fitness of age people before and after the pandemic81
G.D. Aleksanyants, O.A. Medvedeva, T.G. Topchiy, A.V. Volkov, E.G. SelikhovaSome indicators of the sensorimotor systems of students aged 7-10 at the beginning of a one-year educational cycle in a special (I-II type) correctional and general education schools84

«TRAINER»  –  journal in journal
O.B. Trofimov, V.G. Volkov, A.V. Salaev, A.V. GatinFeatures of the use of rehabilitation and recovery measures in the training process of qualified gymnasts88
Z.A. Gagieva, A.A. Khamikoev, N.V. Ryzhkin, A.V. EzhovaProfessional difficulties of coaches in working with qualified athletes of humanitarian and technical universities91
O.M. MirzoevAnalysis of different parameters of the competitive activity of the Russian championship finalists in the 110-meter harder run94
L.A. Khasin, A.L. DrozdovMethod of calculation of asymmetry of bar push from chest according to the results of high-speed 3D shooting99
Zhu Huaxing, K.A. Zinovenko, E.P. VrublevskiyOrganization of the training process of short distance runners at the stage of initial sports specialization102

L.I. LubyshevaSports orientation of children as a vector of introduction to sport105

S.O. Istomin, A.P. Teplouhov, D.V. Kachalov Structural and functional model of involving preschool children to hockey activities106
E.S. Naboichenko, S.O. Istomin, A.N. Ezhov  – Diagnostic tools for etermining the level of involvement of children in hockey109
V.N. Loginov, A.I. Pyanzin, A.S. Kuznetsov, I.A. CherkashinThe effect of changing the rules of the competition on the basic technique in wrestling in mas-wrestling112

E.N. Latushkina, S.Yu. Zavalishina, O.G. Rysakova, D.A. KazakovFunctional development of the cardiorespiratory system of young men who passed standards for the gold badge of VFSK GTO18
S.M. Voronin, S.A. ZverevThe ratio of physical and technical-tactical training of sambo students25
E.I. Troyan, I.V. Fisher – Use of invariant situations of use of service weapon in fire training of police staff30
N.A. PodberezkoFactors of motivation of students for practical lessons in physical education with the use of distance learning38
Dibo Mohamad, D.A. AntipovDynamics of special work capability in the competitive period of young football players41
N.S. Bakhareva, A.S. Belonozhkina, E.S. KovalenkoFeatures of somatotypological characteristics in persons of the youth age period living in various regions of Russia57
D.V. Loginov, A.Yu. Osipov, T.A. MartirosovaPeriods of strength training in the pre-competition cycle of training young martial artists60
R.A. MuslimovDevelopment of an electronic textbook for remote physical training of police staff63
A.S. Belonozhkina, N.S. Bakhareva, E.S. KovalenkoFeatures of somatotypological characteristics of girls living in various regions of Russia74
E.D. Mitusova, P.A. Vnukova Development of endurance of high school students at the lessons of physical education by means circuit workout77
I.V. Golubev, E.I. TroyanTraining of police patrol service staff in the situational use of physical force on the basis of using the senso-motor method80
А.D. MovshovichTransformation of the technique and tactics of rapier fencing83
R.G. Ardashev, V.N. TurkovaSport achievements of students in the structure of social success90
A.V. Rodin, V.P. Guba, P.S. ZakharovAnalysis of the performance of game actions in the process of application of integrated training loads in the practice of training qualified basketball players93
E.D. Mitusova, M.Yu. Zolotova – Speed-strength training of badminton athletes98
A.S. Makhov, S.Yu. Zavalishina, N.N. Marinina, A.Yu. Sheveleva Dynamics of the functional capabilities of the respiratory system in young men during their preparation for passing GTO standards114