Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 5 2021


K.G. KorotkovDevelopment of athletes’ psychophysiological condition monitoring system based on cloud technologies © ►►►pp.3

S.V. Mukhaev, L.A. SemenovConversion of science-intensive sports technologies as sports training system modernization tool © ►►►pp.6

I.N. Nikulin, I.A. Matyushenko, A.V. Antonov, A.V. Posokhov Comparative characteristics of special strength fitness rates in armwrestlers of different weight categories and skill levels © ►►►pp.9
M.A. Rogozhnikov, A.E. Baturin, Y.V. Yakovlev, A.E. GlinchikovaGame plan for basketball players based on simulation modeling of their play activity © ►►►pp.12
N. S. Zagurskiy, Y.S. Romanova Innovative approaches to analysis of parameters of shooting fitness of biathletes using wireless optical sensor SCATT MX-W2 © ►►►pp.15
Beata MakarukAcute effects of running over different height mini-hurdles on sprint kinematics in athletes © ►►►pp.18
M.A. Vershinin, V.A. Likhodeeva, A.Y. VorontsovSpecial physical training means to develop strength endurance in taekwondokas © ►►►pp.21

N.N. Zakharieva, A.S. Belova, I.V. AbsalyamovaDead point phenomenon in free skating segment of singles figure skating © ►►►pp.23
E.A. Biryukova, D.R. Khusainov, N.P. Mishin, S.V. Pogodina, E. N. ChuyanPhysiological features of mechanisms to compensate for metabolic shifts in skilled orienteering athletes under competitive loads © ►►►pp.26
N.A. Karatygin, I.I. Korobeinikova, Y.A. VenerinaBenefits of EEG theta rhythm analyses for athletic training and competitive progress systems © ►►►pp.29
I.A. Krivolapchuk, M.B. ChernovaSchool physical education teachers’ knowledge of modern physical education physiology: tests and analyses © ►►►pp.32

O.V. Korshunova, I.G. Stanislavskayа, G.M. BiryukovaPsycho-regulation to build mental reliability in fencers © ►►►pp.36
G.V. Baturkina, T.P. BudyakovaLevels of formation of anti-victim personality in athletes39 people’s physical activity © ►►►pp.39
V.P. Babintsev, Y.A. Goncharuk, S.V. Goncharuk, A.P. PeresypkinAcademic physical education benefits for faculty/ research/ management personnel’s progress agendas: survey and analysis © ►►►pp. 41
L.A. Kadutskaya, L.N. Voloshina, V.L. Kondakov, E.N. KopeikinaElementary school students’ distance learning period: motor activity survey © ►►►pp.43
O.V. Mashchenko, V.B. Paramzin, S.V. Raznovskaya, V.Z. Yatsyk, O.S. VasilchenkoCross training to improve females’ physical working capacity and endurance in military kettlebell snatch © ►►►pp.45
T.E. Koval, L.V. Yarchikovskaya, S.M. Lukina, B.A. MikhailovSport climbing as means to prevent negative social manifestations among young people in terms of social partnership © ►►►pp.48

A.S. Konovalov, N.V. Soboleva, S.V. Sobolev, O. N. Ratueva, A.V. Vapaeva Building distance control skill in student athletes of sport tourism specialization © ►►►pp.51
O.B. Goryunova, S.V. Zolotova, E.S. VodorezovaStudents' involvement in recreational physical education practices and their attitudes to special sports cosmetics and perfumery in context of sociological analysis © ►►►pp.54

L.M. Tikhonenko, V.K. Klimova, M.S. Koreneva, D.V. ShcherbinIndividual orthotic insoles applying walking endurance building model for 60-plus year-olds with musculoskeletal disorders © ►►►pp.57
A.B. Serykh, E.I. Mychko, L.F. BukshaDance movement therapy to build motor abilities in hearing-impaired children © ►►►pp.59
M.V. Malysheva, A. N. Nalobina, I.G. Talamova, Y.S. SergeevaMotor skills formation in premature infants © ►►►pp.62
A.N. Doeva, Z.A. GagievaEffect of static magnetic field therapy on individual functions of autonomic nervous system of athletes with cervical osteochondrosis © ►►►pp.65

Zhang Shaotong, V.P. Guba, Huang Yun, V.A. RomanovHealth qigong to correct physical and mental health of Chinese students © ►►►pp.67

V. Koronas, D.I. TohăneanEvolution of material for tennis racket frame manufacture © ►►►pp.70
Y.V. Chekhranov, V.L. DementievApplied professional sport within system of sports activities © ►►►pp.73
E.A. Gavrilova, O.A. Churganov, M.D. Belodedova, Y.V. Yakovlev, M.A. RogozhnikovSudden cardiac deaths in sports: global statistics analysis © ►►►pp.76

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
I.G. Maksimenko, G.N. Maksimenko, M.P. Spirin, T.A. MironovaParameters of strength fitness in athletes from various team sports © ►►►pp.80
E.M. Kalinin, A.E. Vlasov, V.V. Panikov, V.A. KuzmichevKinematic characteristics of competitive activity of footballers © ►►►pp.82
M.Kh. Khaupshev, A.A. Khezhev, E.B. Yakhutlova, G.A. PanchenkoComputer-based monitoring technology to improve accuracy of technical-tactical actions in volleyball © ►►►pp.85
S.V. Lashkevich, E.P. Vrublevskiy, N.B. Chitaikina, E.D. MitusovaFootballers’ competitive activity criteria © ►►►pp.88

S.L. Ledentsova, L.A. GorlovaNeuroticism control project for underage figure skaters © ►►►pp.91
S.I. Loginov, Y.N. Romanov, A.A. Egorov, O.V. BorisenkoDigital model of martial artist © ►►►pp.94
V.A. Rodionov, M.A. Rodionova Self-isolation during Covid-19 pandemic: university students’ health-related life quality variation survey © ►►►pp.97

S.M. Guz, A.S. Drobysh, T.N. Kalabina, V.I. Kalabin Effectiveness of use of dietary supplements in strength sports © ►►►pp.100
V.N. Baranov, L.V. Safonov, B. N. ShustinModern research in Olympic sports © ►►►pp.103
S.V. Pogodina, V.S. Yuferev, A.A. Pogodin, E.A. SukhachevOrganization of educational process in physical education and sports sector in terms of digitalization of higher education © ►►►pp.106
P.G. Bordovskiy, T.K. Sakharnova, V.V. Filatov, M.I. RomanovModern information technologies in hockey © ►►►pp.109

N.B. Novikova, I.G. Ivanova, G.A. Sergeev, A.V. PetrushinSkate skiing specifics of biathlon skiers © ►►►pp.11
I.A. Kabanova, T.E. Siverkina, A.V. TurmanidzeDevelopment of motor sensory response in special health group students based on fencing elements © ►►►pp.20
A.S. Makhov, S.Y. ZavalishinaFunctional features of heart of physical education teachers with sensorineural hearing loss © ►►►pp.31
N.L. Goryacheva, V.V. AntsyperovStabilometry-based rating of vestibular stability of acrobats © ►►►pp.35
P.G. Shnyakin, A.V. Botov, A.Y. Osipov, R.S. NagovitsynProblem of paraspinal muscle fat degeneration in athletes after protruded disc excision (l4-l5-s1) © ►►►pp.38
A.B. Petrov, A.N. Vyotosh, A.S. Kotova, Y.V. Shuliko, N.K. GolubevaEffect of physical activity on acoustic parameters of recovery © ►►►pp.47
I.N. Medvedev, A.S. MakhovCardiovascular system functionality in regularly jogging people of second mature age © ►►►pp.53
F.Kh. Zekrin, V.V. Zebzeev, A.F. ZekrinModern trends in martial arts sports training in focus of scientific forum © ►►►pp.56
I.V. Merkulova, V.P. Chicherin, A.V. TurmanidzePlyometric exercises to build leg muscle strength in basketball students © ►►►pp.69
T.V. Aronova, I.A. SpitsynaFitness coach image to optimize professional career in fitness industry © ►►►pp.87
N.A. Kozhura, V.V. PonomarevSocio-pedagogical analysis of parents’ attitude to children's sports © ►►►pp.96
V.A. Burtsev, E.V. Burtseva, M.N. Chapurin Development of conative component of students’ sports culture in sports training process © ►►►pp.108