Development of athletes’ psychophysiological condition monitoring system based on cloud technologies

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor K.G. Korotkov
St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

Presented a description of the principles of operations of a system for monitoring the psychophysiological condition of athletes on the basis of cloud technologies developed in SPbRIPC. The system is based on the method of gas-discharge visualization included in the list of FMBA devices for monitoring the psychophysiological condition of athletes. The software is implemented on the server, which provides an opportunity to work in any conditions, both in the training hall and in the field, automatic storage of the received information, access to the database only for authorized users and high security of the database. The developed system allows working with the database from any computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet. Experience of 5 years of operation of the system has shown that it has a high degree of reliability, speed, convenience for users, and for all this time there have been no cases of information leakage or loss.
The psychophysiological condition of athletes is measured in the morning and evening. This allows monitoring the circadian rhythm and taking into account the adaptation of the athlete's body to changes in the environmental conditions and training loads. The process of measuring and analyzing data is so simple that it can be done by the coach or by the athletes themselves directly during the training process. Athletes have different psychophysiological parameters, so the focus is on the dynamics of these parameters over time. Particularly important is the positive dynamics of the parameters during the preparation for competitions. The high degree of correlation between the values of gas-discharge visualization parameters and the success of competitive activity during performances was shown. In the process of working with the Russian Olympic and Paralympic teams the method has earned high appreciation from the coaches and athletes due to its non-invasive, simple, and informative nature. Application of the developed method in sports gives a convenient tool for athletes and coaches to analyze and correct the training process and competitive activity.

Keywords: psychophysiological condition, cloud technology, gas-discharge visualization


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