Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №2-2018


L.I. Lubysheva, L.A. Semenov Key provosions for success of GTO complex tests at schools© ►►►pp.2-7
R.M. Gimazov Movement construction: from theory to practice© ►►►pp.8-10
O.V. StrizhakovaDigital view on individual physical culture© ►►►pp.11-14
V.K. Spirin, N.A. Kuzmina, A.A. Stepanov, O.A. Chupekhina Sportization of Physical Education subject for sustainable progress of school education© ►►►pp.15-17

A.V. Dolmatov, I.V. OsadchenkoNew education model based on alternative health practices in academic physical education© ►►►pp.18-20
A.S. Gorbachev, V.V. PonomarevSummer triathlon in academic physical education© ►►►pp.1-22
A.V. Sharavieva, T.N. Shutova, E.O. Rybakova, M.A. Vozisova Synergic and diversified approaches for health water fitness model design© ►►►pp.23-25

A.K. Belyakov, M.M. PolishkisPre-season training load management for success of Russian national football team in 2016 European Championship© ►►►pp.26-29
R.V. Tambovtseva, I.A. Nikulina Sodium and potassium blood level variations in track-and-field athletes and weightlifters under specific loads© ►►►pp.30-33

«CHILDREN'S Trainer» – journal in journal
A.V. Astakhov, K.V. Shishov'Internal measure of present' as success factor in physical trainings and sports© ►►►pp.34-35
G.R. AizyatullovaComponents of competitive aerobics routines and their relationship as a factor of world sport leadership© ►►►pp.36-39
V.N. Alekseev, E.G. VinokurovSuccession in ethnic traditions for progress in national sports© ►►►pp.40-42
I.S. SemibratovaTemperament-specific stress tolerance building model for group gymnastics routines© ►►►pp.43-45
D.A. Ulyanov, Т.V. Gladkova, T.G. KovalenkoAcademic badminton team training process management efficiency© ►►►pp.46-48
M.N. Barkhatov, A.N. Korzhenevsky, Kh.A. Tonoyan Pre-season and regular season process effects on elite wretlers' functionality© ►►►pp.49-51
N.P. GerasimovRacing skiers' training system efficiency improvement in academic non-sporting curricula with innovative equipment applied© ►►►pp.52-54
A.A. Fedoriva-Shpaer, Yu.V. SysoevDynamics of change in explosive strength of muscles in female sprinters of various skill levels© ►►►pp.55-56

E.M. Fedoskina, A.V. FedoskinSport university student: social profile in academic environment© ►►►pp.57-58
M.A. Vozisova, T.N. Shutova, E.O. Rybakova, A.V. SharavievaActive and interactive education models for physical education bachelors training for tourist service© ►►►pp.59-62

T.V. Koltoshova, O.E. Barkova, M.I. Katrina, M.A. MileninaMusculoskeletal system health protection strategy in academic physical education© ►►►pp.63-65
A.N. MalininBoxing practices for healthy lifestyle promotion in academic youth© ►►►pp.66-67
T.A. Kheruvimova, Т.V. Kugusheva, D.A. ZubkovHealthy lifestyle prioritizing culture building model for university students© ►►►pp.68-70

E.E. Frolov, T.V. TimokhinaCultivating tolerance to visually impaired children in physical education process© ►►►pp.71-73
L.B. Sabitova, Т.А. Ponomareva, V.M. Krylov Inclusive physical education© ►►►pp.74-76
T.A. Gareva, Т.B. Filicheva, Т.V. Tumanova Correction of motor/physical and speech disorders in children diagnosed with subclinical dysarthria© ►►►pp.77-79