Digital view on individual physical culture


PhD, Associate Professor O.V. Strizhakova1
1International University in Moscow, Moscow

The study considers some issues of physical education and individual and communal physical culture rating and offers an innovative age-specific physical culture and fitness digital rating concept and model. The concept includes 5 key components with the relevant contributions to the integrated physical culture rate, with each of the components measurable by a set of rating criteria. Individual physical development (component 1), for instance, is rated by 8 readily measurable rating criteria that provide an accurate metering scale for this individual quality. Physical fitness (component 2) is rated as the summarized working capacities of the key muscle groups, spinal and joint flexibility, movement speed and coordination, endurance and general physical working capacity rates. These rates are supported by the well-grounded regulatory framework that gives the means to fairly measure every component of the individual’s physical culture. Individual adaptability and tolerance to environmental factors (component 3) is rated by the relevant specific qualities. We believe, individual adaptability, temperance and stress tolerance shall be ranked among the priority qualities of the individual physical culture despite the fact that no objective metering/ rating methods are available as yet to rate them. Component 4 of the individual physical culture is designed to rate the basic individual skills in a few most popular sport disciplines. And component 5 requires extensive theoretical knowledge in physical education, ecology, hygiene, human physiology, and toxic and healthy lifestyles.

Keywords: physical culture, physical fitness, digital rating of individual and communal physical culture.


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