Pre-season training load management for success of Russian national football team in 2016 European Championship



PhD, Associate Professor A.K. Belyakov1
PhD, Associate Professor M.M. Polishkis1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

Objective of the study was to analyze benefits of the pre-season training micro-cycle design with the load management scenarios for the competitive success of the Russian national football team. Special emphasis in the training cycle was made on the technical and tactical mastery excelling components, with the training process designed to simulate the real game; and on the ‘shooting school’ and passing tactics and efficiency. The study data and analyses showed that the training system shall be designed with a high priority being given to the following: ball tackling skills must be improved to more than 50% wins of high and low balls (i.e. every second contact must be won); the teamwork management shall be advanced to improve the interline coordination; intensity of the ball-control team actions shall be increased by the speed-intensive techniques; and a special emphasis shall be made on the fast transitions from defence to attack. Coaches shall give special attention in the training process to the practices to improve volitional qualities, competitive spirit and determination in the players, with each game being driven and inspired by these qualities from the first to the last minute.

Keywords: training load, customization, focus, load rate, competitive performance.


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