Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №10 2017


V.G. Volkov, A.A. Pashin, A.N. Khmelkov –60 year history of academic sports in higher physical education system of Penza region© ►►►pp.3-4

Sh.Z. Khubbiev, S.M. Lukina, S.A. Khismatullin, V.V. Trunin – Physical Education Bachelor course at SPSU: design concept© ►►►pp.5-7
N.S. Panchuk, Sh.Z. Khubbiev, V.E. Smirnov, E.A. Kunitsyna, A.D. Malchenko – Academic physical education and sport specialist professional retraining curriculum and its implementation experience© ►►►pp.8-10
A.D. Movshovich, V.V. Lobanov – Philosophical and psychological aspects of strategic planning in sport education: case study of artistic fencing© ►►►pp.11-13
S.N. Belyaev, V.V. Belyaeva, J.I. Tikhonova – Benefits of competition organizing and refereeing service basics course in academic physical education and sports curricula© ►►►pp.14-16
V.V. Mironov, V.L. Pashuta – Management and practical skills building in managers of military personnel physical training system© ►►►pp.17-19

S.S. Namozova, Sh.Z. Khubbiev, L.V. Shadrin, N.L. Ilyina – Morpho-functional and psychological profiles of academic athletes in context of athletic training process goals© ►►►pp.20-22
R.S. Minvaleev, B.A. Mikhailov, A.I. Ivanov, E.N. Korableva – Impact of research quality on academic sport accomplishments at classical university© ►►►pp.23-25
B.A. Mikhailov, A.A. Napreenkov, A.M. Leontyuk, O.V. Vashchuk – National academic sports provisioning and financing practices in early 20th century© ►►►pp.26-28
D.I. Nesterovskiy, A.A. Yevstratov – Speed technique excelling system in academic basketball© ►►►pp.29-31
V.V. Achkasov, A.V. Aksenova, S.B. Kulikov – Ways to employ ancient sport heritage for junior athletes' training© ►►►pp.32-34

L.V. Yarchikovskaya, Т.Е. Koval, S.M. Lukina, O.N. Ustinova – Role of breathing exercises in combined health programs© ►►►pp.35-37
A.A. Pashin, A.N. Khmelkov, A.M. Vasilyeva – Age- and gender-specific variations of health and healthy-lifestyle values of academic youth© ►►►pp.38-40
E.A. Cherepov, R.G. Shaikhetdinov, A.S. Khafizova – Dynamics of functional status of classical university students of military training faculty driven by sportizated physical education© ►►►pp.41-43
A.M. Patalakh, R.S. Minvaleev, D.A. Shmagun, O.A. Merkulova Hatha yoga course in academic physical education curricula© ►►►pp.44-45

V.V. Lobanov – Ancient citizen-warrior education ideals cultivation in artistic fencing© ►►►pp.46-48
S.B. Kulikov Athletic training process design based on transformed ancient and modern ideas of natural science and psychology© ►►►pp.49-51
A.V. Aksenova, S.B. Kulikov – Ancient ideas accepted in modern artistic fencing© ►►►pp.52-54
A.A. Podberezhnaya, S.B. Kulikov – Ancient bout visualizing tools in modern artistic fencing training system© ►►►pp.55-57

O.N. Oparina, N.V. Anisimova, O.A. Dogurevich – Evaluation of hemic system indices in athletes in terms of adaptation to physical loads© ►►►pp.58-60

An Jing, G.M. Biryukova – Psychological profile of ice hockey team coach© ►►►pp.61-62
E.V. Kudryashov Physical fitness characteristics of female basketball players of mass ranks© ►►►pp.63-65

«Trainer» – journal in journal
A.G. Levitsky, D.A. Matveyev, A.A. Potsipun, O.V. Oshina, O.V. Kholodkova – Biomechanical classification of actions in competitive wrestling© ►►►pp.66-68
S.M. Lukina, A.A. Somkin, E.A. Zhuzhakova, O.I. Rozanova – Thomas Flair in aerobic gymnastics: technique and mastering procedure© ►►►pp.69-71
S.V. Pogodina, G.D. Aleksanyants – Age- and gender-specifc adaptability and functionality rates of highly-skilled athletes© ►►►pp.72-74
G.A. Gilev, V.N. Gladkov, A.A. Pleshakov – Mental skills building in leader athlete© ►►►pp.75-77
V.V. Cherkasov, I.A. Ilyinykh, I.A. Starykh, Т.V. Kalashnikova – Special endurance building in biathlon at special pre-season stage of annual training cycle© ►►►pp.78-82

E.Y. Dyakova, A.A. Mironov – Peripheral blood circulation adaptation in finswimmers© ►►►pp.83-85
Z.S. Zemlyakova, V.G. Shilko – Effects of slide aerobics on female students' functional state and physical development© ►►►pp.86-88
E.S. Inozemtseva, E.G. Khatskaleva – Benefits of artistic gymnastics tools for physical education of 20-25 year old females© ►►►pp.89-90
Yu.G. Kalinnikova, E.S. Inozemtseva, L.V. Kapilevich Physiological responses of athletes to rhythmic loads© ►►►pp.91-92

V.B. Myakonkov, Т.V. Kopylova – Consumer Values ​​of modern sports viewed as socially importnat phenomenon© ►►►pp.94-96
T.E. Koval, L.V. Yarkchikovskaya, L.S. Rozanova, A.S. Sidorenko – Accessible environment formation in context of sports for all movement (case study of mass Russian remote festivals© ►►►pp.97-98
I.A. Koretskaya, N.V. Dneprovskaya, I.V. Shevtsova, M.N. Mikhailovsky – Emotional burnout as contributor to negative personality changes in professional athletes© ►►►pp.99-100
N.A. Deberdeeva, M.V. Polevaya, Т.В. Tarasova, R.S. Tarasov – Students' stress tolerance rating by modern psychological test methods© ►►►pp.101-102
I.V. Mikhaylova – Chess to improve life quality of hearing impaired individuals© ►►►pp.103-104