Management and practical skills building in managers of military personnel physical training system

Management and practical skills building in managers of military personnel physical training system


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №10 2017, pp.17-19

Dr.Hab., Professor V.V. Mironov1
Dr.Hab., Professor V.L. Pashuta1
1Military Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

The article gives grounds for management and practical skills building in managers of the military personnel physical training system. The management and practical skills building process is rather specific and may be described as having a hierarchical structure including assistant managers of the training sessions (assistant commanders, sergeants) and top managers of the courses (commanders) having non-special physical education. The other positions in the management system include physical training instructors having a higher or secondary sports education and the relevant physical training skills and physical education course heads having higher military special backgrounds, graduates of the Military Institute of Physical Culture. The training system has been practically tested for 30 years (1980 to 2010) at the relevant education establishments, military colleges/ institutes, Military Institute of Physical Culture and military academies, with over 7 thousand servicemen being subject to the practical tests. The series of long-lasting educational experiments made it possible to develop core logics of the management and practical skills building in military service personnel of different ranks.

Keywords: management and practical skills, military service personnel physical training, practical skills building logics.


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