60 year history of academic sports in higher physical education system of Penza region

60 year history of academic sports in higher physical education system of Penza region


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №10 2017, pp.3-4

PhD, Associate Professor V.G. Volkov1
Dr.Hab. Associate Professor А.А. Pashin1
PhD, Associate Professor А.N. Khmelkov1
1Penza State University, Penza

Objective of the study was to analyse the extensive practical experience accumulated by the sport organisations of Penza State University. The study gives an overview of the academic sports development progress at Penza State University. It was due to the determined efforts of the academic trainers, athletes and PSU management and their interest in the university physical culture and sports that PSU is now ranked among the leaders in the Russian academic sports. The historical analysis offered by the study still needs to be updated by a more detailed overview of the academic sport progress made by the Physical Education Department of PSU that is now integrated into the Physical Culture Institute of PSU.

Keywords: academic sports, sport club, physical education, Physical Culture Institute, Physical Education Department, Russian Summer Universiade .


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