Speed technique excelling system in academic basketball

Speed technique excelling system in academic basketball


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №10 2017, pp.29-31

PhD, Professor D.I. Nesterovskiy1
Master of Sports of Russia in basketball А.А. Yevstratov1
1Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Penza State University, Penza

Modern basketball training systems give a special priority to the speed teamwork excelling and reliability improvement tools and methods focused on integrated training of the core competitive fitness components by special game exercises with time limitations to speed up decision making and improve technical and tactical skills under pressure from opponents; for the player being able to respond every game situation in a timely and most efficient manner with a special emphasis on fast and due technical and tactical actions under stresses.
Objective of the study was to provide theoretical and practical test data to prove benefits of the speed dribbling skills excelling training model in the academic basketball using light-controls in training to develop the situational leadership.
The study data and analysis showed benefits of the proposed speed skills and speed dribbling excelling Situational Leader training system applied in the education and training process of the academic basketball team – as verified by the notable progress in the core competitive fitness components and growing success of the competitive activity. The study data give grounds to recommend the integrated Situational Leader training system for the sport excellence purposes at different stages of the sport career.

Keywords: technical and tactical training in basketball, speed dribbling, integrated Situational Leader training system.


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