Physical fitness characteristics of female basketball players of mass ranks

Physical fitness characteristics of female basketball players of mass ranks


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №10 2017, pp.63-65

PhD, Associate Professor E.V. Kudryashov
Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm

In modern sports games, successful team performance result in big competitions depends on a variety of factors that can significantly affect the outcome of the event, including level of athlete's physical abilities, technical skill variability indicators, tactical thinking capabilities of both an individual player, and the whole team and many other aspects related to the process of training and participation in the competition. All these components of the long-term athletic training process require the attention of specialists who have a whole range of all-round knowledge. And the higher the coach’s level of professional competency, the more likely it is to achieve a positive result in the conditions of a real competitive struggle between competing teams. One of the crucial components of athlete’s multifaceted fitness level is the level of development of special physical qualities, as a base for the formation of an integral indicator of athlete's fitness for the match. Knowing the athlete’s level of physical fitness, the coach can make the necessary adjustments to the training process, taking into account the characteristics of the team and the individuality of specific athletes. Continuous monitoring and management of the athlete’s formation process are an integral part of the athletic training process. This aspect is especially clearly seen today in basketball. The given research is devoted to the study of the above-mentioned questions. In the article one can find the results of an experimental study to determine the indices of physical fitness of female basketball players of mass ranks. Recommendations are given on the practical application of these parameters in training and competitive activities.

Keywords: characteristics, physical qualities, fitness level, female basketball players, mass categories.


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