Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №4-2017


I.M. Turevsky, A.Y. Frolov, O.B. Seregina, G.A. Petrushina, L.V. TarasenkoPhysical education specialist training in context of accomplishments of Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University graduates© ►►►pp.2-4
G.B. Belova, I.V. Lavrentyeva, L.I. Moseeva, A.A. LobashovaBuilding managerialьcompetences in physical education and sport university students© ►►►pp.5-7
I.V. Abdrakhmanova, E.A. Shirobakina, A.N. Bolgov, K.A. YosipenkoVisualizing tools to stimulate students' learning activity in distance education process© ►►►pp.8-10

L.V. MikhnoPain spots of modern Russian ice hockey© ►►►pp.11-13
O.V. Kudryavtseva, M.A. Kaimin, A.V. Kharchenko, E.I. Mikhailova, E.B. DerevlevaDifferentiating and integrating approach in figure skating motor skills mastering process© ►►►pp.14-17
P.P. Dudchenko, V.P. Aksenov, S.A. ShepelenkoModern monotony-controlling annual training model in application to junior finswimmers© ►►►pp.18-20
N.Y. Belova, L.V. Bulykina, A.V. Dvornikov, V.M. BelovServed ball speed in volleyball versus scoring statistics© ►►►pp.21-23
O.V. Malofeeva, V.E. BelzEfficient training process design and management as a tool to step up athletes' competitive motivations© ►►►pp.24-26
V.A. Grigoryev, A.Y. Grigoryeva, D.A. BlinovInformational support of blocking action in volleyball game© ►►►pp.27-29
A.V. Dvornikov, L.V. Bulykina, V.A. GrigoryevHigh-pace jump serve efficiency and scoring rates versus serve target© ►►►pp.30-31
S.V. Novozhilova, M.P. Gagina, N.Y. StepanovaRating competitive fitness in women's volleyball© ►►►pp.32-33

«CHILDREN'S TRAINER» – journal in journal
A.A. Khorunzhiy11-13 year-old judokas' psychomotor ability tests and analyses© ►►►pp.34-36
V.N. LoginovStrength building practices in mas-wrestling sport© ►►►pp.37-38
D.F. Jafarov, E.V. SolovyevaChess assembles to develop attention in junior chess players© ►►►pp.39-40
T.V. LevchenkovaEducational design and content analysis of children's fitness programs in fitness clubs© ►►►pp.41-43
V.V. Borisova, A.V. Titova, I.V. Polyakova, T.A. Shestakova, V.N. MorozovIntegrated training in rhythmic gymnastics© ►►►pp.44-46
A.S. Ananyin, L.V. BulykinaCompetitive performance analysis of men's versus women's volleyball© ►►►pp.47-49

A.F. ZekrinDifferentiated approach in wrestlers' training system: application specifics© ►►►pp.50-51

S.S. FrolovaProject method in primary school physical education process© ►►►pp.52-54
N.I. Sinyavskiy, A.V. Fursov, E.V. Dmitrieva, K.G. IvanovMotor activity self-rating analysis by 11-12 year-old pupils in context of GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.55-57
A.M. Koksharova, N.Y. Melnikova, L.S. LeontyevaOlympic and non-Olympic sports in program of regional games© ►►►pp.58-59

G.N. Tkhazeplova, A.M. TkhazeplovSecondary schoolchildren's sport motivations building in school physical education process© ►►►pp.60-63
A.A. Marchenko, I.R. Tarasenko, D.G. Gladkikh, P.V. TarasovCore fields for academic activity in students' health protection and improvement domain© ►►►pp.64-66
V.S. Lobachev, V.I. ZharinovDependability of flexibility development forecasts© ►►►pp.67-68
O.P. Panfilov, V.A. Dubrovin, V.N. Davidenko, V.V. Borisova«Health, Education, Sports» anthropo-eco-biorhythmological profile of Children's and Youth Academy© ►►►pp.69-71

I.S. Gruzdev, E.S. Tsygankov, V.N. ZudinSpecial training program for special service drivers© ►►►pp.72-74
N.A. Potapova, G.A. Chavchanidze, E.S. Tsygankov, V.N. Zudin«Road legend» as efficient road mapping system© ►►►pp.75-76
E.N. TroyanPersonality-centered education program design approach for law enforcement officers© ►►►pp.77-79