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Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 1 2022


ISSN 0040-3601

G.P. IvanovaCentenary of academic sports biomechanics discipline © ►►►с.3
E.G. Saikina, Y.V. SmirnovaFitness as type of physical education © ►►►с.6

M.V. Degtyarev Experiments in sports regulation © ►►►с.9
O.A. Shevchenko, S.E. Stolyarov Gene doping in physical education and sports with progress of technologies and medicine: problem identification © ►►►с.11

S.V. Kolmogorov, O.A. Rumyantseva, A.P. Vorontsov, A.B. GudkovHydrodynamic characteristics of elite swimmers of different genders at final period of training for major competitions © ►►►с.14
R. Asienkiewicz, S.V. Sevdalev, E.P. VrublevskiyFeatures of sexual dimorphism in elite pentathletes © ►►►с.17
A.A. Pleshakov New training goal based technical training model in long-term beginner futsal training system © ►►►с. 20
G.F. Gilev, V.V. Vladykina, N.E. Maksimov, A.I. PopkovActions to increase performance of elite swimmers under anaerobic metabolism of competitive activity © ►►►с.23
L.I. Kostyunina, I.N. Timoshina, A.N. IlkinNew sports training system forming principle: theoretical and practical grounds © ►►►с.26
A.A. Polozov, I.V. Yushchenko1, I.V. Bryzgalov Individualization of judo styles based on 2019 World Championship data © ►►►с.29

R.V. Tambovtseva, Yu.L. Voitenko, A.I. LaptevEffects of single normobaric hypoxic exposure on physiological indicators of swimmers © ►►►с.33
Y.V. Bulgakova, Y.A. Turovsky, D.Y. Bulgakov, T.V. Ivanova, A.A. KuznetsovaBenefits of subjective time scales for physical stress tolerance rating tests © ►►►с.36
S.M. Galysheva, S.N. Legchinova Low carb - high carb diet plan to increase special endurance of elite climbers © ►►►с.39

E.V. Spirina, V.V. ZarubinaPhysical education classes: students’ motivations and predispositions © ►►►с.42
A.E. Terentyev, S.A. Vodyakha, Y.E. Vodyakha, L.S. AristovMental well-being of sporting women © ►►►с.45
N.V. Moskvina, E.V. Kuzmicheva, A.D. Kolesov Gender-specific volitional control profiling in swimming sport © ►►►с.47
L.N. Rogaleva, Y.A. Dubinkina, R.A. Vichuzhanin, T.V. MartynovaPerfectionism and stress coping strategies in elite basketball © ►►►с.49
A.E. Bolotin, O.E. Ponimasov, S.S. Aganov, N.V. RyzhkinSports imagination tree and selectivity in university athletes’ training system © ►►►с.51

M.A. Rogozhnikov, A.E. Baturin, Y.V. Yakovlev, N. S. FedyukDistant physical education test algorithm for admission to investigative committee’s academy © ►►►с.54
A.P. Maltseva, I.O. Petrishchev, N.M. Kasatkina, V.V. SoltisOverview of digital teaching service simulators for physical education teacher training system © ►►►с.56
A.P. Shmakova, I.O. Petrishchev, N.V. Sidorova Psychological and didactic deficiencies test and correction service for future physical education teachers © ►►►с.59
G.N. Gmyzina, P.V. BorisovaSport-specific english language basics learning model for junior footballers © ►►►с.62

G.I. Semyonova, V.A. Shemyatikhin, E.B. TimofeevaEndurance training Nordic walking model for university students: tests and benefit analysis © ►►►с.65
Yu.M. Kabanov, Yu.V. Nedosekov, P.K. Gulidin, D.A. Venskovich, V.A. KoloshkinaGym fitness equipment to build motor abilities in man © ►►►с.67
L.I. Lubysheva, A.V. Nazarenko, L.D. Nazarenko Ecological, physical and sporting cultures: conceptual discourse © ►►►с.70
M.I. Lukyanova, S.G. Bashaeva, A.A. Istomina, L.R. FedulovaPhysical development facilitating model for special classes integrated with university curricula © ►►►с.73
J. Baj-Korpak, A. Shpakou, F. Korpak, A. SzepelukDeterminants of level of declared physical activity of Belarusian students © ►►►с.76

A.D. Repetyuk, E.E. Achkasov, A.P. SeredaCombined physical rehabilitation model for peroneal tendon injuries in sports: benefits analysis © ►►►с.79

A.Y. Tikhonova, E.S. Ivaseva, E.A. Istyagina-EliseevaMuseum technologies applicable in children’s sports recreation camps: implementation opportunities and limitations © ►►►с.82

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
A.I. Pogrebnoy, G.A. Makarova, S.M. Chernukha, A.A. KarpovCanoeing training systems in Russia and Belarus: comparative analysis © ►►►с.86
L.V. Ryskalkina, E.O. Panova, N.V. ValkinaCircuit training model for functional fitness in boxing © ►►►с.89
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V.V. Ryabchuk, O.E. Ponimasov, Y.A. Titarenko, O.V. LyashenkoKinematic/ dynamic indicators of breaststroke technique of junior swimmers © ►►►с.95
L.A. KhasinWeightlifting elite's power snatch technique © ►►►с.98

I.V. Leskova, E.V. Maksimova, A.A. Peredelsky, A. Chirtoaca Transformation of liberal ideology mirrored by modern Olympics: scientific analysis © ►►►с.102
E.A. Shurmanov, D.Y. Narkhov, E.N. Narkhova, I.M. DobryninWorld Student Games as cultural resource and student community mobilizing factor © ►►►с.105
L.A. Rapoport, D.Y. Narkhov, E.N. NarkhovaImage of 2023 FISU World Student Games in digital student sociocultural environment © ►►►с.108

V.V. Ponomarev, N.N. Kazakevich, O.V. TuryginaPhysical education tools to cultivate safe living basics in preschoolers © ►►►с.8
N.A. Dardanova, I.A. ShcherbakovCoordination abilities rating tests for gymnasts © ►►►с.22
S.V. Chernov, D.V. Guba, Sun HaiyanSports injuries rates based effectiveness of basketball players’ training in Chinese student sport system © ►►►с.28
A.L. Pokhachevsky, A.I. Filipchenko, P.A. Kulagin, V.N. Pozhimalin, A.B. Petrov Youth physical performance: formation features © ►►►с.41
R.N. Volodin, L.V. Tarasova, V.D. Kryazhev, V.M. SkudnovAssessment of anaerobic threshold in training of academic sports club runners © ►►►с.44
S.Yu. Zavalishina, A.S. MakhovPhysical education for functional optimization of young body © ►►►с.58
K.S. Popenko, A.S. MakhovSports training program for highly qualified athletes in mini-football 5x5 (b1) - blind sports  © ►►►с.64
L.V. Morozova, L.A. Kiryanova, O.V. LyashenkoFitness tennis to optimize physical training process in youth tennis © ►►►с.75
V.P. Guba, L.V. Bulykina, Fei SeMethodological aspects of volleyball training sessions with secondary school students in China © ►►►с.78
L.P. ObiedkovaBuilding professional competences in student managers in conditions of extracurricular work in sports university © ►►►с.81
E.V. Burtseva, V.A. Burtsev, N.V. IgoshinaAnalytical estimation of sports talent of decathlon athletes at main stage of sports selection © ►►►с.91