Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 11 2019

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T.A. Shilko, Yatsun Zhang, Zhaoqi Yang, Qianyu YeBenefits of Chinese Qigong (ba duan jin) gymnastics for senior women’s life quality© ►►►pp.34
D.V. Artamonov, E.B. Osipova, Yu.O. Averyasova, T.N. Shutova, E.A. Lubyshev Benefits of kyokushinkai karate for business school students© ►►►pp.37
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A.V. KabachkovaWeekly academic physical activity rating by gpaq toolkit© ►►►pp.46
E.S. Potovskaya, O.N. Krupitskaya Endurance and stress tolerance building circuit training model for female students© ►►►pp.48
K.P. BakeshinCognitive qualities mobilizing boxing tactics mastering model for civil engineering university students© ►►►pp.51
A.V. Karavan, R.M. KadyrovElective physical education service design course for university students© ►►►pp.54
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«TRAINER» – journal in journal
M.A. Rogozhnikov, K.N. Dementiev, V.V. Volsky, A.G. SergeevaPowerlifting practices in compensatory fatigue phase to improve shooting accuracy in basketball© ►►►pp.74
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V.P. GubaBiomechanics as a science: still in the future or already in the past© ►►►pp.72
N.V. Stetsenko, K.A. YosipenkoTactical actions in fast breakthrough of student team basketball players© ►►►pp.82
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