Formation of mental actions in additional education system

Formation of mental actions in additional education system


PhD, Associate Professor A.M. Tikhonov1
Master student A.P. Mordanev1
PhD D.D. Kechkin1
PhD T.A. Polyakova1
1Perm State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University, Perm

The philosophical foundations of the proposed by the authors educational technology for the development of mental actions of the physical education and sport subject are theories and concepts of Russian cosmism, dialectical materialist philosophy and dialectic logic, the theory of energy evolutionism, the concept of search activity. At the psychological level, the technology was developed on the basis of the general activity theory, while on the didactic level -on the principles of developing education by D.B. Elkonin and V.V. Davydov. At the objective level, the concept was based on the integration of physical and sociocultural apects in the physical training process, suggesting considering ways of physical activity as an integrator. At the physiological level, the technology relies on the activity physiology theory of N.A. Bernstein.
Objective of the study was to scientifically substantiate the technology for the development of the ways of mental actions of a subject of physical education and sports activity and to experimentally verify its effectiveness. subject to the study were 12-13 year-old athletes, doing sports in the youth center "Antei". The results of the study showed that the training process in the additional education system, designed based on the proposed technology, is effective in the physical and technical training of football players, and also successfully develops ways of their mental actions.

Keywords: educational system, methodology, technology, development, ways of mental actions.


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