Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 10 2023


O.A. Rumyantseva, A.S. Sharapov, S.Yu. Razmakhova, D.A. Potapov
History of the development of physical education in the Arkhangelsk Region3

A.I. Pogrebnoy, S.M. Akhmetov, I.O. Komlev, A.V. Arishin
Theoretical analysis of strength training of swimmers on the materials of foreign studies6
M.A. Abramova, N.V. Afanasenkova, A.V. Sungurova, V.G. Balyuk, Yu.A. MamontovaDevelopment of strength abilities of women taking into account the ovarian-menstrual cycle9
L.A. Hasin, A.L. DrozdovCalculation of kinematic and dynamic characteristics of lifting a bar to the chest when performing a clean and jerk12
A.A. Polozov, I.V. Bryzgalov, I.V. Tarasevich, S.V. Kumkov, I.A. StruihinSystemic analysis of the results in the semi-final and final in cyclic sports at the Olympic Games 2016-202115

V.V. Ryabchikov, S.M. Ashkinazi, D.I. Voronov, A.V. Migunova
Structure of sports motivation of youth Russian athletes19
G.G. Zakharov, N.B. Novikova, A.N. Belyova, N.B. Kotelevskaya Technical training of young ski jumpers using simulation22
G.N. Tkhazeplova, A.M. Tkhazeplov, Burduhi Atsamaz TairbekovichImprovement of sport and technical skills of young judoists on the basis of accounting for psychophysiological indicators25

V.A. Alekseeva, A.B. Gurieva, N.V. Borisova, E.N. Nikolaeva, L.I. Arzhakova
Respiratory indicators of the body of martial arts athletes of Yakutia depending on the somatotype according to the Rees-Eysenck index28
G.A. Makarova, S.M. Chernukha, A.A. Karpov, A.V. BratovaMain directions of improvement of the system of current biochemical control for highly qualified kayak and canoe rowers31
A.V. Kochnev, O.A. Golubina, M.N. Repitskaya, V.K. Belov Dynamic control of indicators of functional and physical state of the organism of athletes engaged in cyclic and acyclic sports34
I.V. Mishchenko, M.P. Lebedeva, L.A. Sharenkova, V.S. SmolinaEvaluation and comparative analysis of the type of heart rate regulation for load determination in physical culture lessons37
Н N.S. Zagurskiy, V.I. Mikhalev, Ya.S. RomanovaMethodology for determining the threshold zones of energy supply by the dynamics of heart rate and lactate in running step tests to failure39
I.E. Korelskaya, I.A. Karkavtseva, E.V. Beletskaya, N.V. BlokhinаPhysiological substantiation of preparation of youth for military and professional activities in extreme conditions of the Arctic region42
E.V. FedotovaProspects for using indicators of non-linear analysis of heart rate variability as markers of the functional state of the athlete's body when performing training and testing loads45
E.A. Klokotova, I.A. Varentsova, V.N. Pushkin, E.Yu. Fedorova Influence of behavioral risk factors on the state of the cardiorespiratory system of girls living in the Arctic region48

E.A. Kosmina, Yu.M. Makarov, N.V. Lutkova, O.N. Gural
Switching and concentration of attention of cybersportsmen of mass discharge51
A.A. Banayan, A.V. MalininExpert information-analytical system as a method of strategic management of the process of psychological preparation in sports54
Ya.V. Golub, E.V. Ageev Unconscious perception by athletes of negative incentives associated with competitive activity57
V.N. Ananev, E.A. Semizorov, V.N. Ananeva, S.I. Khxoromina, E.A. KlyushnikovaQuantization of the dominant force of academician Ukhtomsky among students in winter after holidays and in spring during exam stress60

E.A. Gureeva, E.S. Petrenko, N.Yu. Goncharova, Ya.A. Alatyreva
Sports clusters as a tool for the strategic development of mass sports in the regions of the Russian Federation63

Yu.F. Kuramshin, K.A. Biryukova
Implementation of the requirements of the federal standards of sports training in the conditions of sports schools66
M.Yu. Nifontov, A.V. Privalov, R.R. Mukhamedzyanov, A.A. Roop, A.A. Pleshakov Adaptation of the structural-contental components of educational standards to the modern system of preparation of a sports reserve in football69

M.V. Zvyagintsev, V.V. Varinov, A.N. Aksenova, A.V. Vitushkin
Assessment of the level of formation of professional sports culture of the personality of cadets of the higher education institution of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia71

S.A. Vorobev, E.S. Naboychenko
Adaptive sports as a way of socialization of children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities73
T.V. Anoshina, A.V. Tsinis, D.M. Fedotov, T.P. ShiryaevaFormation of strength endurance of the abdomen and back muscles in girls with degree i scoliosis using fitball-gymnastics76
M.S. Obraztsov, V.A. Islamov, O.A. Savchenko, D.V. ElizarovFormation of motivation for physical culture and sports in military personnel with health  limitations 79
T.V. Krasnoperova, N.B. LukmanovaAnalysis of indicators of the neuromuscular apparatus and kinematic characteristics of the running technique of track and field athletes with intellectual disabilities82

D.N. Pukhov, A.V. Tsareva, A.V. Malinin
Role of social support of the family in the formation of motivation to increase the physical activity of school-age children  85
L.G. Pashchenko, O.A. Romanko, O.S. KrasnikovaSocio-psychological predictors of activation of competitive physical culture and sports activity of university students88

«TRAINER»  –  journal in journal
L.V. Vinokurov, D.F. Mosunov, Yu.A. Nazarenko
Prognostic predictors of special technical and tactical training of Paralympic swimmers with lesions of the musculoskeletal system92
N.A. Fedyaev, E.V. Makarova, S.Yu. Nikitchenko, I.S-Kh. Musaev Peculiarities of technical-tactical and coordinating preparedness of judoists of various weight categories95
P.V. Rodichkin. E.N. Komissarova, E.N. ChernyshevaPhysiological and pedagogical characteristics of the motor mode of power direction for athletes who complete a sports career98
O.N. ZaitsevControl of technical readiness of sambo wrestlers101

L.I. Lubysheva
Organization of research activities of students in the field of higher physical education: individual and differentiated approaches103

A.M. Fokin, E.G. Saykina, F.F. Kostov, A.V. Ovchinnikova
Designing a student scientific club in the educational space of a sports university104
V.V. LobanovAn educational team of a sports profile as a pedagogical phenomenon (on the example of fencing)107
V.L. Botyaev, A.Yu. Dron, Yu.A. DronCrossFit as a direction of physical training of students of a pedagogical university110

N.A. Kichkin
Factors of success in professional activities of football referees5
A.S. Gonashvili Sports practices as a means of human capital development in Saint Petersburg21
R.G. ArdashevCrimes in sports: analysis of public opinion24
S.A. Moiseev, A.S. Kaisin, F.V. Salugin Studying the profile of physical fitness of military repair engineers36
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E.R. TatarchukPsychological support of optimum climate and atmosphere in women's highly qualified football teams78
A.G. SamborskiyTechnology of registration and analysis of speed dynamics in sprint run81
Yu.V. BoginskayaPossibilities of terrenkur in physical education classes with students of a special medical group87