Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №8 2017


V.N. Boyko, G.M. Akushev20th anniversary of physical education and sports department of Surgut State Pedagogical University!© ►►►pp.3-5

V.L. Botyaev, M.S. PozdyshevaPhysical education and sports department of pedagogical university: of students' motor coordination abilities rating analysis© ►►►pp.6-8
S.A. Sedov, E.E. MerzonPedagogical education quality rating system development in academic physical education discipline© ►►►pp.9-11
N.V. Stetzenko, E.A. Shirobakina, M.N. Sandirova, I.V. Lushchik Analysis of higher education standards versus professional physical culture and sport education standards© ►►►pp.12-14
E.O. Rybakova, T.N. ShutovaRecreational competency of future bachelors of physical education© ►►►pp.15-17
S.R. Sharifullina, V.A. Martynova, A.A. Askhamov, J.K. Zhestkova Individualised physical education model driven by anthropometric and fitness shape rates in application to future teachers© ►►►pp.18-20

V.P. GubaChildren's and youth sports: basics of training process quality assurance technology and research© ►►►pp.21-24

A.A. Govorukhina, O.A. Malkov, O.L. Nifontova, A.A. Novoselova, E.E. IbragimovaPhysical education and sports department students residing in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (Yugra); regulatory mechanisms and vascular system condition analysis© ►►►pp.25-27
M.V. Shaykhelislamova, F.G. Sitdikov, N.B. Dikopolskaya, G.A. Bilalova, R.G. Biktemirova, F.R. ZotovaJunior ice hockey players' hemodynamics analysis© ►►►pp.28-30
N.A. Fudin, S.Ya. Klassina, S.N. Pigareva, Y.E. VaginEffects of hypoventilation breathing on physical working capacity and cardiorespiratory rates of under step exercises: comparative analysis© ►►►pp.31-33

A.V. Minkin, A.V. Kostin, N.N. KostinaMobile devices and software applicable in Russian physical culture and sports GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.34-36
N.N. Setyaeva, L.V. Sokolovskaya, L.V. DiorditsaPedagogical university students' health rating and improvement in academic education period© ►►►pp.37-40
F.N. SoldatenkovEducational motivations building in non-pedagogical academic curricula using Olympic education methods at pedagogical university© ►►►pp.41-43
G.N. Tkhazeplova, A.M. TkhazeplovFemale students' fitness shape variations in academic cardio-strength fitness groups© ►►►pp.44-46
G.A. Gavronina, T.I. Chedova, K.V. Chedov, S.V. SolovievEducational provisions for sport club cultural resource mobilisation for general cultural progress of university students© ►►►pp.47-49

N.A. Boyko, V.N. BoykoMentally retarded senior pupils' psychophysical condition correction via new physical education model© ►►►pp.50-52
R.M. Gimazov, G.A. BulatovaAdaptive responses of neuromuscular system to training loads in youth kettlebell lifting sport© ►►►pp.53-55
O.L. Nifontova, A.A. Govorukhina, O.A. Malkov, O.G. Litovchenko, V.Z. KonkovPhysical development rates of 9-11-year-old male residents of Russian Yugra North© ►►►pp.56-58
L.A. Semenov, V.V. VlasovEffects of summer vacation on primary pupils' physical conditions© ►►►pp.59-61

A.A. Soloviev, I.V. Ponkin, V.V. GrebennikovSport legislation codification to improve legal situation in national sports© ►►►pp.62-64

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
S.V. Mukhaev, L.A. SemenovAdvanced technology conversion specifics in sports© ►►►pp.66-68
N.I. Ismailova, Y.A. Tsagarelli, S.L. ShumikhinComputerised system to rate junior athletes' psycho-emotional stability in team and individual sport disciplines© ►►►pp.69-71
G.M. Ldokova, K.R. Volkova, A.I. PianzinCoach's contribution to coach-athlete interactions in powerlifting sport© ►►►pp.72-74
A.Y. Dron, I.G. Gibadullin, K.M.-R. KasumovMental functionality tests to rate rehabilitative training effects in racing skiers' training systems© ►►►pp.75-77
I.A. Mishchenko, V.A. Kashkarov, A.V. Vishnyakov, Т.S. FrolovaControl of the functional state of highly qualified Taekwondo players in preparation for the main start of the season using the mid-mountain range© ►►►pp.78-82

S.N. Neupokoev, J.P. Bredikhina, N.L. Guseva Influence of muscle tension type on bioelectrical activity and regional blood flow in lower limbs of skilled boxers© ►►►pp.83-85
L.V. Kapilevich, E.V. Medvedeva, A.A. Ilyin, K.V. DavletyarovaAdaptation of students with disabilities to inclusive education environments© ►►►pp.86-88
L.M. BezhentsevaUnderage female athletes' motor abilities developing by aesthetic gymnastics toolkit© ►►►pp.89-90
E.V. Kudryashov Strength fitness rates of junior volleyball and futsal players: comparative analysis© ►►►pp.91-92

N.I. Sinyavsky, A.V. FursovRating schoolchildren's fitness for "Ready for Labour and Defence" GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.94-95
O.A. Malkov, A.A. Govorukhina, O.L. Nifontova, E.A. Bagnetova, A.A. NovoselovaFirst-aid knowledge and skills rating in context of GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.96-98
M.E. SnigurRating 6-8 year-olds physical fitness for obligatory GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.99-100
A.V. Fursov, N.I. SinyavskyRating progress of education institutions in training for and organising GTO complex tests© ►►►pp.101-102
D.V. Fonarev, Т.V. Kugusheva, Т.А. KheruvimovaPhysical education, healthy and safe life style of students in the focus of the scientific forum© ►►►pp.103-104