Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №6 2016



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D.A. UlyanovIndividualization of physical education of special medical department students to increase efficiency of educational process © ►►►pp. 27-29
A.A. Pashin, A.M. VasilyevaStructural and dynamic characteristics of students’ value attitude toward introduction of All-Russian Ready for Labour and Defence Sport Complex © ►►►pp. 30-32


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I.V. Ponkin, O.A. Shevchenko, M.A. Lapina, A.I. PonkinaPublic management risks in sports © ►►►pp. 49-51
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E.A. Shirobakina, N.V. Stetsenko, I.V. LushchikOverview of modern sport management theses for last decade (2006-15) (Sport management issues) © ►►►pp. 58-60
A.V. Chesnokov. A.D. Fenzel' – Development of motor competences in technologization of training process of university powerlifting team © ►►►pp. 61-64

«TRAINER» – journal in journal

A.A. Kozlov, J.A. PovareshchenkovaProfessional boxer's functional capacity mobilization forecast criteria © ►►►pp. 66-67
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Ya.E. YakubenkoTraining load partitioning by lift groups in powerlifting © ►►►pp. 76-78
E.M. Nasyrova, E.G. Nasyrov – Technical and tactical performance excelling process in elite sambo © ►►►pp. 79-80


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V.P. LukiyanenkoPressing problems of implementation of competency-building approach within Russian physical education system  © ►►►pp.94-96
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Gundegmaa LkhagvasurenPhysical development of young athletes living in Mongolia © ►►►pp.103-104