Physical education: education, training №3 2020


L.G. Ryzhkova, A.Yu. VaginCorrelation between body segment movement indicators in qualified fencers when performing advance lunge© ►►►pp.2
A.A. Rzhanov, E.N. Matrosova, S.A. Tiguntsev Vestibular tolerance and balancing abilities as mandatory attribute of coordination skills of volleyball players© ►►►pp.6
R.M. Khabibullin, A.U. Bakirova, A.Kh. Dashkin, I.M. KhabibullinRole of adaptogens in adaptation processes in powerlifters© ►►►pp.9
B.Zh. Yadgarov, R.N. Ruzmetov – Comparative analysis of physical development rates in team athletes© ►►►pp.13
A.S. Kariauli – Software-based evaluation of game actions of volleyball players© ►►►pp.16
V.A. Blinov, G.B. Evdokimova, S.N. MishchenkoPsychological features of interpersonal relations in hockey© ►►►pp.19
A.V. PetrushenkoKinematic characteristics of technical skills in cheerleading© ►►►pp.21
D.A. Ulyanov, T.G. Kovalenko, A.P. ShklyarenkoSoftware application to achieve sports mastery© ►►►pp.25
E.V. Beklemisheva, E.D. Hamed Efforts to improve balancing skills in junior rhythmic gymnasts© ►►►pp.28

I.M. Utyasheva, G.K. Khomyakov, A.V. MalykhinHealth improvement technologies to excel students' physical qualities© ►►►pp.31
L.A. Nepovinnykh, V.N. KremnevaPractice-oriented distance learning system at university© ►►►pp.33
V.A. Zauloshnov, D.A. UlyanovOkinawa goju-ryu karate-do training at university© ►►►pp.36
V.A. Gorovoy, E.D. MitusovaStudent sports activities as physical recreation means© ►►►pp.38

V.V. ToryanikWays to stimulate motivation of secondary school children for physical education and sports classes© ►►►pp.41
L.S. Shuvalova, N.A. Rodina, I.A. Makhova, A.S. TalanEsports simulator-based pedagogical control in supplementary physical education and sports system© ►►►pp.43
A.V. Lytkin, E.D. Mitusova, E.V. OsipenkoPhysical education and health work with students within "school-university" system© ►►►pp.46

«Children's trainer» – journal in journal
M.S. Leontieva, E.S. CherenkovaCompetitive acrobatics as effective motor skills building tool for elementary school students© ►►►pp.50
M.Yu. Stepanov, M.B. SalamatovPsychological regulation of state of readiness of young muay thai fighters for extreme sports activity© ►►►pp.52
S.V. Eregina, K.N. TarasenkoJudo training of preschoolers aged 3-6 years: structure and content© ►►►pp.56
G.V. Barchukova, V.S. Brusovankin, T.M. MigalinaRole of training simulators in improvement of game actions in badminton© ►►►pp.59
N.A. Kozhura, V.V. Ponomarev, A.A. LozovoyModel physical fitness characteristics of 10-11 year-old girls specializing in triple jump© ►►►pp.62

M.E. Snigur, N.V. Vlasov, O.N. KosolapovDevelopment of motor abilities in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy© ►►►pp.65

Yu.N. Losev, A.E. Baturin, M.A. Rogozhnikov, Yu.V. YakovlevPhysical recreation to form personal culture of cadets of military sports universities© ►►►pp.68

L.S. Dvorkin, N.I. Dvorkina, D.S. Molchanov, I.A. ProninaUse of body pump system in physical training of female sports university students© ►►►pp.71
K.N. Efremenkov, I.A. EfremenkovaPhysical education university students’ behavior in modern economic environment© ►►►pp.74
A.V. Leksakov, D.R. Cherenkov, A.A. GustomyasovAdditional professional programs for advanced training of football and hockey coaches© ►►►pp.77

A.S. Zaichenko, Yu.A. Popov – Motor activity of elite footballers with different game roles in match© ►►►pp.8
A.V. Dvornikov, D.A. Dmitrieva – Speed indices of qualified volleyball players with various game roles© ►►►pp.18
Nguyen Van Fong, L.V. Bulykina, V.P. Guba – Comparative analysis of individual characteristics of physical development of volleyball players in Vietnam and Russia© ►►►pp.24
A.V. Pitulin – Attitude of physical education teachers towards civic-patriotic education of students© ►►►pp.40
S.N. Litvinenko – Energy expenditures and energy consumption in Elbrus climbing process of middle-aged people© ►►►pp.55
I.P. Kosmina, M.E. Stepanova – Formation of the basics of basic stroke technique in tennis© ►►►pp.58
I.V. Mikhailova – Chess technical and tactical training process design stages for people with health issues© ►►►pp.64
E.V. Cherepenin – Experience of participation of Tyumen State University in the project "From student tests to GTO badge"© ►►►pp.70
A.Ya. Rybina – Study of motivation for sports in rural adolescents© ►►►pp.76