Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury № 11 2023


V.V. Kostyukov, V.V. Nirka, D.E. Fedotov, I.N. Karlitsky, O.N. Kostyukova
Russian beach volleyball at the Olympic games: results, problems, prospects3
M.M. Lebedev, A.B. Popkova, E.B. MyakinchenkoRelationship of physical fitness profile and the number of technical error at the stages of ski training among high class skiers with different training load structures6
A.V. Arishin, A.I. PogrebnoyFeatures of the stroke in the process of integrating physical and technical training of crawler swimmers at the stage of improving sportsmanship10
E.S. Petrenko, A.V. Kylasov, E.A. Gureeva, M.V. Otchertsov, A.A. TalalaevUsing an ecosystem approach in the formation of sports clusters13
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E.D. Gorbunov, A.V. Kubeev, V.A. MatinaOrganization of self-control of athletes based on the application of modern sports watches19
M.G. Kolyada, S.S. Gorbachev, S.I. Belykh, E.Yu. DonichenkoFormation of self-organization skills of future trainers based on a synergic approach22
O.G. Epov, E.M. Kalinin, V.A. Kuzmichev, Yu.A. Sirotkina, K.A. PotapovaComparative analysis of the kinematic characteristics on the example of the performance of the nerio-chaga strike by athletes of the WTF taekwondo specialization of different sports qualifications24
R.V. Faizullin Influence of artificial intelligence development on the training process in intellectual sports26
G.V. Barchukova, A.I. LaptevMethodology for improving special coordination abilities of table tennis players28

E.M. Kalinin, D.N. Savin, V.A. Kuzmichev, A.V. Leksakov
Relationship of speed-strength and anthropometric indicators of highly qualified football players 16-17 years of different roles31
A.P. Skorodumova, S.D. Semenova, D.G. Abdrakhmanova, A.R. Tarpischeva, F.Sh. TarpischevModels of indicators of speed, speed-strength and strength qualities of girls 6-14 years old playing tennis34
N.B. Novikova, A.N. Belyova, I.G. Ivanova, N.B. Kotelevskaya Current problems of technical training of young skiers in Russia36
M.K. Zakharov, M.D. Kudryavtsev, A.G. Galimova, V.K. Kuliev, N.V. IvashkoPlanning and implementation of the training process taking into account the biorhythms of young basketball players40

A.G. Abalyan, O.S. Karaeva, T.G. Fomichenko, E.V. Fedotova
Motor activity of the “silver” age population according to sociological surveys of the population43
T.F. Abramova, T.M. Nikitina, A.V. Polfuntikova, K.A. OblogSexual dimorphism and physical fitness of children of primary school age46
E.A. Zyurin, A.P. Matveev, E.N. Petruk, E.N. BobkovaTrends in the development of physical fitness of the adult population in the focus of VFSK GTO indicators49

A.B. Gabibov, L.M. Demyanova, N.V. Ryzhkin, A.N. Korban
Optimization of motor activity of students by means of professional applied physical training52

E.G. Saikina, A.M. Fokin, S.V. Kuzmina, E.S. Lupanova
Substantiation of the model of formation of students' motivation for scientific activity in the conditions of a university of a physical education54
I.Yu. Ivanova, M.E. Belomestnova, I.N. Yevtushenko, B.A. ArtemenkoFormation of sociocultural identity of students of sports fields of training in the conditions of student communities in the aspect of sociological analysis57
I.Yu. Sazonov, A.A. Polozov, N.A. Maltseva, M.E. PetukhovaOvercoming contradictions in models of key competencies of the system of educational standards and KPI for fitness managers60

A.I. Golovachev, V.I. Kolykhmatov, S.V. Shirokova, A.A. Grushin
Features of development of functional capabilities of energy supply systems for highly qualified skiers-racers 17-19 years old in an annual training cycle63
A.B. Guryeva, V.A. Alekseeva, A.S. Golderova, A.A. Osinskaya, E.P. SerginaBioimpedance indicators of combat athletes depending on the somatotype66
M.A. Dikunets, G.A. Dudko, E.D. VirusEnzyme immunosorbent and mass spectrometric methods for the determination of testosterone and cortisol: comparative analysis69
M.O. SegizbaevaComparative assessment of the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles in skiers and wrestlers72

N.A. Gross, D.O. Khrekin, T.L. Sharova, V.A. Klendar
Adaptation of voltage degree of regulatory systems to active physical activity in children with cerebral palsy75
N.A. PodberezkoPhysical culture and sports events as a form of social adaptation of students with health disabilities78

T.V. Dolmatova, E.V. Kuznetsova
Features of the development of the system of children and youth sports in Norway81
Chunyan Zhang, N.A. Ushakova The role of physical education in the model of physical education and health services of a university84

O.D. Fedotova
Olympic discourse of foreign alphabets86

«TRAINER»  –  journal in journal
A.V. Voronov, A.A. Voronova, R.V. Malkin, P.V. Kvashuk, N.N. Sokolov
Determining optimal exercises for training the knee flexor muscles90
I.N. Solopov, T.G. Fomichenko, V.B. Avdienko, I.V. BgantsevaStructure and algorithm for differentiated diagnostics and assessment of special physical and functional readiness of swimmers93
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G.A. Gilev, N.E. Maksimov, Yu.I. ChernovIncreasing the performance of swimmers specializing in sprinting and middle distances, under different recovery modes99
O.V. Nikolaeva, L.N. Minina, A.A. Ramzaitseva, M.A. Sergazinova Increasing the efficiency of attacking strike after a negative receipt of the ball in volleyball102

L.I. Lubysheva
Project “Sports class in a Moscow school” from the perspective of sportization methodology105

A.S. Tretyakov, D.V. Loginov, A.A. Lozovoy, M.A. Lozovaya
Development of motor activity of high school students by means of basketball106
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A.L. Pokhachevsky, I.V. Sukhinin, D.V. Samarsky, S.S. Ssorin, Yu.V. Shuliko
Possibility of predicting sports performance based on the rate of change in heart rate9
Peng Cong, T.S. Lisitskaya Interdependence of movement plasticity and wave dance technique in rhythmic gymnastics59
N.V. GorbunovaPedagogical potential of high achievement sports in forming civic activity of students68
A.V. BorisovDetermination of components of military-professional competence of cadets71
F.R. Zotova, F.A. Mavliev, E.S. Ivanova, D.I. Goncharenko Assessment of the level of aerobic performance of women 45-60 years old83