PE:ET №6-2013


S.Yu. SchetininaMethodological Basis of Humanitarian Transformation of Sports and Physical Training Environment at Comprehensive School
M.B. Musakaev, R.R. AsfandiyarovImprovement of Health of Junior Schoolchildren Using Physical Culture in Environmentally Unfriendly Towns (Case Study of Sterlitamak)
E.A. KorotkovaSociality of Innovations in the Sphere of Physical Culture and Sport
L.A. ParfenovaKey Directions of Intellectualization of Physical Education of Schoolchildren with Health Deviations
M.S. Leont'eva Methodological Conditions of Design of Technology of Physical Education of Orphaned Children
A.S. FilippovDevelopment of Coordinating Abilities of Junior Schoolchildren at Physical Education Classes with Gymnastics Specialization

V.L. Dement'ev, V.V. Gozhin, N.A. FedyaevTechnology of Selection of Technical Actions (Methods) for Young Wrestler's Personal Range
A.E. Chikov, S.N. Chikova, S.V. Ryabchenko, A.K. KudrinSearch for New Methods of Training of Cross Country Skiers
E.A. ParkhomenkoThe Peculiarities of Influence of Involvement in Sports Sessions on Social Relations of Girls and Boys within Early Professionalization

L.A. Akimova, E.M. Golikova Strategy of Social Adaptation of Handicapped Children and Youth by Means of Adaptive Motor Recreation
E.M. Golikova, T.M. Pankratovich Integrated Approach to Diagnostics of Social Adaptation of Young Persons with Health Disturbances at Adaptive Physical Culture Classes

A.S. Tankenov, V.N. Boyko, V.V. VlasovFormation of Professional Competency of Future Life Safety and Physical Education Teacher via Competence Model
N.I. Nikolaeva, V.I. BelyaevRussian and World Models of Higher Education in Physical Culture and Sport Sphere

R.M. Saitov, T.S. LisitskayaThe Meaning of «Functional Training»

«CHILDREN’S TRAINER» – journal in journal
S.A. Litvinov Technology of Use of Martial Arts at Classes with 5-6 Year Olds
J.M. NasyrovaConstruction of Educational Model of Effectivization of Dance Training of Girls Involved in Sports Aerobics Based on the Use of Cheerleading Methods
V.V. Ponomarev, A.V. Yatskovsky, A.A. Mel'nichuk, D.G. RadchenkoFormation of Applied Self Defence Skills of Female Students
E.A. Raspopova, J.A. Postol'nik Formation of Swimming Skill in Female Students of Teacher's College Based on the Use of Various Methods of Water Sports