Improvement of Health of Junior Schoolchildren Using Physical Culture in Environmentally Unfriendly Towns (Case Study of Sterlitamak)

M.B. Musakaev, professor, Ph.D.
R.R. Asfandiyarov
Sterlitamak college of physical culture, Sterlitamak

Key words: ecological factor, rehabilitation measures, remedial gymnastics, fitness activity, loading sports events.
Over the last decade health of children, especially teens, is deteriorating, the number of healthy adolescents is reducing, but the number of patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities is increasing.
Every year the number of children suffering from deconditioning syndrome, disorders of nervous, immune, hematopoietic, urinary and endocrine systems, which clearly results from the influence of external factors, both social and environmental.
The purpose of the study was to determine the ways of recreation of people in ecologically unfriendly towns.
The town of Sterlitamak is one of ecologically unfriendly and characterized by high anthropogenic stress. Industrial objects located in the region stipulate for the manner and level of air pollution. The researchers compared these physiological states of the population.
Proceeding from the data obtained, further improvement of adolescents’ health in children’s health camps is recommended, as well as similar rehabilitation at schools during the academic year, at summer recreational sites, health camps, year-round children’s preschool institutions.
The task of creating optimal conditions and appropriate material and technical base for both organized and independent recreational activities of various demographic groups of people using recreational rehabilitation is getting especially relevant in environmentally unfriendly regions.


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