Methodological Basis of Humanitarian Transformation of Sports and Physical Training Environment at Comprehensive School

Methodological Basis of Humanitarian Transformation of Sports and Physical Training Environment at Comprehensive School


S.Yu. Schetinina, associate professor, Ph.D.
Pacific state university, Khabarovsk

Key words: methodological basis, sports and physical training environment, humanitarian transformation, paradigm, technologies, organization, integration, educational potential, physical education of schoolchildren, harmonious personality development, self-realization.
New cognitive attitudes, different views on research approaches have generated the new ideas of the grounds and methodology for obtaining new knowledge. "Traditionally the methodology is almost entirely related to science, to research activity. Until recently, it concerned the methodology of science in general or a methodology of specific science. But scientific activity is only one of specific types of human activity, along with art, religion and philosophy. All other professional activities are related to practical activity. The concept of methodology, including the one of methodology of practice should also concern all other kinds of human professional activities. Methodology is a doctrine on organization of activity. This definition clearly determines the subject matter of methodology, which is organization of activity". This is a definition, and we base on this interpretation of methodology in our study.
The purpose of the study was to design and approve the methodological basis of transformation of the sports and physical training environment of a comprehensive school.
Regions are of great value in solution of the problem of effectivization of physical education.
The methodological principles are presented in the points revealing the nature and logic of organization of scientific inquiry in this paper: from specification of a scientific problem and defining the scope of the study to implementation of the strategy of improvement of effectiveness of physical education of schoolchildren that meets the dictates of the time.


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