Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 2 2018


M.A. Surkova, A.A. Ilyin, M.V. Rybkina, E.V. PirogovaPhysical education and sports system in Ulyanovsk region: management and legal counseling services

A.I. Pogrebnoy, I.O. KomlevSport institutions reporting to Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation: intellectual property, invention activity, patenting and legal consulting service analysis


N.G. Zakrevskaya, E.V. Utisheva, P.G. Bordovskiy, E.Y. Komeva  Electronic information and education environment as academic communication tool

J.A. Veselovskaya, N.V. Sidorova, N.G. Kuzina, I.V. Stolyarova  Interactive distance education technologies: physical education and sports educational process quality analysis

E.A. Grineva, M.M. Shubovich, N.V. BibikovaEnvironmental values ​​in globalization context viewed as world outlook component of physical education and sports department students

S.I. Karabaeva, L.M. Zakharova, E.I. Andrianova, M.M. Shubovich Pedagogical university students' competency for health protection service at preschool education establishments

R.S. Nagovitsyn, A.V. Tutolmin, Y.G. Maksimov, P.B. VolkovContinuous college-to-university physical education technology: case study of Physical Education and English Language disciplines

V.V. Zarubina, M.I. Lukyanova, M.A. Fakhretdinova, S.V. Danilov  Acmeological stand shaping service to physical education specialists in advanced education system


N.Zh. Bulgakova, O.I. Popov, G.G. FerreiraAge-specific sport progress trajectories profiled by somatic and special working capacity rates versus competitive accomplishments in swimming sport

L.S. Dvorkin, N.I. Dvorkina, S.I. Popova Junior weightlifters' age-specific neuro-muscular system performance profiling study

E.M. Revenko  Individual variations of age-specific motor qualities and motivations in 10-11-formers


S.I. Belykh Donetsk National University students' attitude to healthy lifestyles rated by questionnaire survey

Sh.F. Farakhutdinov, V.A. Sheregova Typological model of fitness centers clients


G.A. Loshakova, Y.A. Lobina, S.I. Gnedash Issue of spiritual nourishment and physical education in Austrian fiction of mid-19th century

M.A. Kuznetsova, S.V. Klochkova, S.V. Lavrinenko, D.B. Nikityuk  Nutrition in sports: present situation and prospects

G.N. Germanov, A.E. Stradze, I.A. SabirovaPhysical Education concepts in context of human resource development theory

N.D. Golberg, I.V. Astratenkova, I.I. Akhmetov, V.A. RogozkinEpigenetic modifications during exercise


V.Y. Ignatyeva, A.Y. Ovchinnikova – Russian national handball teams: gender-specific personality qualities profiling tests

O.S. Kogan, S.D. GaliullinaCardiovascular system pathologies in elite sports

I.A. Mingalisheva, L.D. Nazarenko, I.N. Timoshina Execution mastery improvement model applicable in fitness aerobics

I.S. Kolesnik, D.A. Osipov, F.A. Gatin Afferent synthesis skills building method for motor performance improvement in boxing

L.G. Ryzhkova, G.N. Germanov, S.V. Sedochenko Fencer's postural control as key component of sport technique for success of combat actions


L.B. Andryushchenko, S.I. Filimonova Physical education and academic sports in new socio-economic national situation: modern vision and growth points

E.L. Panova Theoretical and practical approaches to health conceptions

K.E. Stolyar, T.N. Shutova, S.Y. Vitko, L.B. Andryushchenko Management and didactic provisions for industrial gymnastics in modern socio-economic situation


L.V. Yarkchikovskaya, V.N. Kovalenko, O.V. Mironova, A.V. Tokareva, O.N. Ustinova Healthy lifestyle promotion in academic physical education process

Sh.Z. Khubbiev, N.S. Panchuk, V.G. Bondarev, V.E. Smirnov, S.S. Buchnev Academic physical education and sports discipline: education process specifics at law universities

A.E. LovyaginaCognitive components of self-concepts of successful versus unsuccessful athletes

A.N. Grishanina, G.S. Melnik, N.O. Sveshnikova, N.Y. OlesichRole of sports in national policies in opinions of Russian politicians and citizens


L.I. Lubysheva, S.A. Pronin Increased focus on sport science problems in coverage of Teoriya i Praktika Fizicheskoy Kultury journal of 2017

L.I. Kostyunina, A.N. Ilkin, Y.M. Postnov Networking driven by socially centered physical education and sports service as new socializing model for convicts