Teaching Motor Actions to Young Athletes from Team Sports

Teaching Motor Actions to Young Athletes from Team Sports


V.V. Kozin, Ph.D.
S.A. Kugaevsky, candidate
Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sport, Omsk

Key words: model, technique, tactics, situation, activity, composition.
Summarizing all the above, the modeling of technical and tactical actions from the viewpoint of information and semantics can be characterized as a set of selectively involved goals, conditions, tasks and actions, in which the interaction and relationships take on the character of mutual assistance of components to get a focused result. Therefore, the simulation of technical and tactical actions is based on the following principle: in the case of insufficiency of the obtained result a substitutional situational model with the active selection of new components arises, a relationship between the new purpose, condition and task is created, which, in turn, indicates the organization and systemacy of the process.
Thanks to taking into account the situational variability of game and opponents' counteractions based on typing game situations the technical and tactical actions can be considered in a system, via cause-and-effect relationships. The ability of young athletes to control motor actions is formed considering the composition of situations and extreme nature of the game.


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