The Influence of XXVII World Summer Universiade on Development of National University Sport

The Influence of XXVII World Summer Universiade on Development of National University Sport


A.M. Tagirov, director of information and publication department

Executive directorate of Kazan 2013

Key words: competition, heritage, university sport.

The development and global support of sport and physical culture are an important national resource for strengthening health of the Russian citizens, forming healthy way of life of the younger generation and improving the sports image of the country.

Staging the World Universiade in Kazan is one of the primary international multisport events in Russia.

Universiade preconditions the country’s positive development, is accompanied by long-term positive social and economic changes, set new standards for the quality of life, and promotes physical culture and sport among young people.

The Russian Federation has long-term traditions in university sport. Every year Russian student-athletes consolidate the country's sports glory with numerous victories at the largest international student competitions.

The purpose of the study was to analyze the impact of the XXVII World Summer Universiade on the development of university sport.

Results and discussion. University sport is an important part of the education system, the phase of training of the reserve for national teams, an effective way to develop their personalities.

The modern phase of development of the university sports movement in Russia is characterized by new goals of physical education at higher school, intended to not only develop students' physical abilities, but stimulate their interest in physical culture and sport occupations, formation of the values of healthy way of life and implementation of the tasks of prevention of socially negative phenomena in the youth environment.

At the meeting of the Presidium of Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on the development of physical culture and sport, June 28, 2010, the main priorities were set for the development of university sports within the strategy of development of physical culture in the Russian Federation.

One of the main objectives was to substantially increase the number of regularly exercising students in 2020 up to 80%. It is obvious that the right conditions should be provided to solve this task. As a part of the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015" and the "500 swimming pools" project, a considerable amount of sports facilities is being built. The licensed requirements for higher professional educational institutions have established the criteria to create necessary conditions for the engagement of students in physical education and sports. Curricula now include more hours allocated for physical culture and sport.

Since 2008 the Summer and Winter Universiades, student sports festivals, championships among students in Olympic sports have been revived in the Russian Federation and were included in the program of the World Universiade.

Current legislation has introduced the concept of "university sport" and "student league" and has declared to support university sports. Thus, school and college sports clubs should be created for the involvement of students in sports and its development and promotion in schools, colleges and universities.

Special attention to the development of university sports in Russia was given in the message of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin to the Federal Assembly on 12 December 2012:

"One of the most important tasks is the development of physical culture and sport, especially among youth. After all, in order to encourage people to engage in sports, to make physical culture and sports fashionable and prestigious, we organize major international competitions in our country.

I consider it necessary to support the idea of university sports club association. This organization is designed not only to promote the development of university sports, but also in a certain sense to become a social elevator for talented, purposeful and active youth. At the same time I consider it important for the organization to be completely out of any politics, while at the same time uniting youth with various political views”.

The Universiade enables raising the development of sport to a new level and promote the active involvement of children and youth in physical culture and sport, which is an important factor in improving health, demographic situation, reducing the number of socially negative phenomena among youth.

The Universiade in Kazan should be a memorable sports and cultural event for all residents of Russia and the world university sports community.

There is no better tool, idea aimed at training the viable, morally and physically healthy generation rather than sport.

Participation of the youth in school, university and national competitions, their presence in the audience at major tournaments and matches of international level, meetings with famous athletes, Olympic days, Universiade Lessons – all of that is aimed at forming healthy lifestyle of the younger generation.

Universiade also affects the education and training of youth: it increases the desire to get quality education, to learn and to know foreign languages​​, culture and traditions of the countries participating in international competitions.

In accordance with the heritage of the Universiade, Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism is located at the territory of the Universiade Village, which will be a modern educational institution with the powerful infrastructure of a new level, including seven modern sports facilities, research institute of training technology of sports reserve, high school of coaches, International Education Centre FISU, training center for the reserve of national teams of Russia. Within the Academy, a new educational model in the field of physical culture and sport is being built, which will be a high-class training system on the basis of effective use of the sports heritage of the Universiade 2013

Activities of the FISU International Education Centre in Kazan created for the first time in the world precisely in Russia are aimed at training highly qualified specialists and their participation in international education, sports programs and projects.

The impact of the Universiade on the formation of culture and the spiritual health of the younger generation is apparent. You can see the patriotic spirit of youth: many want to be involved in such a massive sports and youth event and participate in it as athletes, fans and spectators.

Conclusion. The Universiade is a powerful impetus to form healthy way of life among the younger generation, develop sports infrastructure and the whole system of university sport.

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