Theory and Practice of Physical Culture  № 9 2014

TaPPC № 9 2014


A.A. Obvintsev105 Years on Guard of the Homeland!

A.A. Gorelov, A.A. Obvintsev, V.L. KondakovDesign and Functioning of Health and Fitness Technologies in Educational Environment of Military Educational Institution
S.M. AshkinaziPedagogical Conditions, Rules and Factors of Effective Teaching Hand-To-Hand Fight

V.L. Pashuta, A.S. Nikol'skayaApplication Features of Olympic Principles during Physical Training of Servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
B.V. Endal'tsev, S.A. Malashenko Enhancement of Adaptabilities as a Main Direction of Physical Training of Military Specialists
S.A. Trapeznikov, A.V. Gurvich Current State of Physical Fitness of University Graduates of the Russian Federation with Regard to Military Safety of the Country
V.P. Sorokin, A.M. Androsov Physical Qualities as a Basis of Professional Readiness of Servicemen
V.V. MironovPhysical Training - Applied Aspect of Physical Education, Sport Training, Recreational and Adaptive Physical Culture
G.G. Dmitriev, V.A. Islamov Adaptation Formation in Military Airborne Troops to Survive in Extreme Conditions
I.A. KuznetsovPhysical Condition of Servicemen and the Role of Physical Exercises for Its Improvement
E.N. Kur'yanovich, A.I. Kravtsov, E.D. MartsinkevichProblems of Monitoring of Health and Functional Status of Cadets of Military Institute of Physical Culture
T.I. Vikhruk, V.V. Arzhakov, L.G. ShageevaMedico-Biological Substantiation of Differentiated Approach to Organization of Physical Training Classes for Cadets
A.L. Starovoytov, A.N. Kisly, K.S. Smaznov Technology of Phased Maintenance of Flexibility in Officers of Senior Age Groups of Military Educational Institutions
D.V. Chernov, A.A. BorisovAnalysis of Development of Physical Training in Airborne Troops, Basic Directions of Their Improvement

V.A. Schyogolev Physical Training in US Military Educational Systems

A.V. Gusev, A.S. IvanovExperimental Verification of Swimming Training Program for Children in the Basic Training Phase
R.M. Baymukhametov, V.I. Muminov, E.S. SotnikovInjury Problems in Kettlebell Sport 

«TRAINER» – journal in journal
L.D. NazarenkoEnhancement of the System of Sports Training on the Basis of Development of Athlete's Intellectual Capabilities
A.I. KondrukhPractical shooting as a Sport: Retrospective and Problem Analysis
O.V. Kalabin, A.P. SpitsinStress Reactivity of Central Hemodynamics in Athletes Engaged in Powerlifting
A.M. Yakupov, M.Yu. Stepanov Methodology of Formation of Strike Action in Boxing

V.A. Vishnevsky, A.A. Monastyrev, K.A. MironovaMechanisms of Reactions to "Cold" Test at Rest and after Various Physical Loads
Yu.A. Vetoshnikov, A.S. Snigirev, S.I. LoginovDynamics of Week Physical Activity in Sampling of Senior Residents of Surgut According to Accelerometric Data
O.G. Litovchenko, V.V. Apokin, A.A. Semenova, O.L. NifontovaThe State of Cardiovascular System of Student-Athletes of Middle Ob Region

N.A. Fundin, S.Ya. Klassina, Yu.E. Vagin Rhythmic Thermal Exposures as a Non-Drug Method of Rehabilitation of Functional Status of Athletes after Strenuous Physical Load
Yu.G. Kalinnikova, E.S. Inozemtseva, L.V. KapilevichThe Effect of Different Rhythm and Tempo of Aerobics Classes on Psychophysiological and Electroneuromyographic Characteristics
L.A. Parfenova, I.N. Timoshina, G.B. GlazkovaParticipation of Persons with Health Disabilities in Implementation of All-Russian Physical Culture and Sport Complex "Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSR"