Cold water training for competitive progress in swimming


G.V. Lopin1
PhD T.G. Artemenko2
PhD T.G. Klimanova3
1Physical and health-improving complex "Svetlogorsk", Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk
2Churapcha State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Churapcha, Yakutia
3State Institute Social Studies and Humanities, Kolomna

Objective of the study was to theoretically analyze benefits of the cold water training for competitive progress in swimming.
Methods and structure of the study. We analyzed for the purposes of the study the relevant study reports and competitive reports of the outdoor swimming events at the 2016-2020 Russian, European and World Championships.
Results and conclusion. We made an analysis of the leaders’ competitive performances versus their cold water tolerance to produce practical recommendations for beginner swimmers competing in the outdoor cold water pools. We recommend prudent, strict and systemic succession in the body tempering process with a clear understanding that the cold water tolerance cannot be stored "for future" and should be persistently trained by conservatively growing acclimating sessions. Note that local acclimating (of some bodily parts) effects never apply to the whole body. Systemic acclimating practices in sports should be reasonably supported by healthy diets. Acclimating practices will be considered adequate when the skin turns red after or in the tempering process. Our practical recommendations may be helpful for coaching and research communities specialized in swimming.

Keywords: swimming, body tempering, cold water training, temperature control, cold water.


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