Crossfit trainings for international events: motivations and training model


S.A. Koltovskoy
1Sports club Union CrossFit, Moscow

Objective of the study was to develop a precompetitive training model for international CrossFit events with a special priority to the individual motivations, social appreciation and progress agendas.
Methods and structure of the study. The precompetitive training model was designed based on a questionnaire survey of the athletes’ competitive motivations. We sampled for the questionnaire survey the 18-34 (n= 20), 35-39 (n=15), 40-44 (n=10) and 45-49 year-old (n=5) CrossFit competitors (n=50 in total).
Results and conclusion. The precompetitive training model was customized to the individual motivations profiled by the questionnaire survey including the commercial, physical, mental, technical and tactical progress related ones, for success in the competitions. The training model tools were generally grouped into the precompetitive and competitive ones.

Keywords: training, motivation, method, international event, athlete.


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