Modern general endurance building circular training model for young northern population


V.A. Romanyuk1
A.S. Kariauli1
1Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk

Objective of the study was to analyze benefits of a general endurance building circuit training model for the young Northern population by standard 2/3km race tests.
Methods and structure of the study. We sampled for the circuit training model testing experiment eight groups of Medical Institute students (n=200) and trained them in gyms for an academic year with a special priority to the general endurance building aspect. The group general endurance was tested by the pre- versus post-experimental tests. The circuit training model included four successive general endurance building staged special exercises to develop strength endurance alternated with moderate-pace indoor runs and shuttle sprints. The training process intensity was managed by reps, run distances, training paces/ times and rest breaks.
Results and conclusion. The new general endurance building circular training model was tested beneficial for the young students as verified by the group progress in the gender-specific standard 2/3km race tests.

Keywords: circuit training model, endurance, training intensity.


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