Precompetitive functionality profiling tests for elite martial arts

Precompetitive functionality profiling tests for elite martial arts


PhD, Professor A.N. Sharipov1
PhD, Associate Professor M.Y. Stepanov2
PhD, Associate Professor M. B. Salamatov3
1Perm Military Institute of the Russian National Guard, Perm
2Tchaikovsky State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Tchaikovsky
3Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Objective of the study was to rate precompetitive functionality variations on the metabolism, functionality, psycho-physiology and regulatory system function test scales.
Methods and structure of the study. The precompetitive progress was rated by the S.A. Dushanin's Multifactor Express Test system with SPORT 6N software made by Computer Co. (Kiev). We sampled for the tests a 26-year-old martial arts Master of Sports of Russia in a precompetitive training cycle prior to the Perm Area Martial Arts Championship. The subject was tested in stationary laboratory conditions 3 hours after trainings every day for eight days till departure for the competition.
Results and conclusion. The tests found variations of different amplitudes in every function rating test for virtually every tested parameter, with the only exception for the total metabolic capacity rate that was tested very low and virtually unchanged for the test period. The stress tolerance rate was the next least variable index that changed from very low on day 1 to low later on in the test period.

Keywords: precompetitive training, functionality profiling and monitoring tests.


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