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Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 7 2020




V.P. Guba, R.V. Belyutin, E.E. AchkasovCoronavirus as new reality of sports-specific discourse


Paulina SzyszkaChanges in maximum muscle torque of knee joint extensor muscles depending on various forms of warm-up in the training microcycle
Marcin StarzakEffects of attentional focus on flying disc throwing accuracy in terms of lateralization and throwing technique
Wilhelm GromiszEffect of dry-land resistance training with resistance rubber bands on speed and swimming parameters
I.G. Maksimenko, G.N. Maksimenko, I.G. Komarova, D.N. Baeva Speed and speed-strength fitness of athletes specializing in various sports games
I.N. Nikulin, A.V. Posokhov, A.V. Voronkov, M.D. VasilievCompetitive performance results of different national teams at European armwrestling championships
N.B. Novikova, G.G. Zakharov, A.V. VoronovBiomechanical characteristics of V1 skate technique of elite Nordic combined skiers
Igor CieślińskiAnthropometric profiles and body composition of elite Polish senior Greco-Roman wrestlers


D.N. Pukhov, A.V. Malinin, B.N. ShustinCommitment to physical education and sports:  schoolchildren’s physical activity motivations and priorities survey
A.I. Matochkina, E.N. PetrukMotivations for school physical education and sports activities: family contribution survey
N.I. Sinyavsky, S.M. Obukhov, A.V. Fursov, V.Yu. LosevPreschoolers’ physical fitness tests in "BGTOshka" GTO project


A.A. Baryaev, A.V. Ivanov, M.V. AransonFunctionality monitoring in youth sledge hockey
S.A. Vorobiev, A.A. BaryaevAnnual athletic training completion stage prior to 2021 Paralympic games
Agnieszka KędraNon-specific back pain, physical activity and ways of coping with pain among school-aged children and youth
M.N. Malkov, I.E. Yudenko, S.I. LoginovGender-specific characteristics of daily physical activity in persons with visual and hearing impairments


A.O. Akopyan, U.N. Kremlev, L.A. Kulagina, O.V. DomulajanovaFunctional fitness of elite male boxers
T.V. Krasnoperova, N.B. Kotelevskaya, T.F. AbramovaPhysiological value of stabilometric studies in complex coordination sports
V.F. Noskova, E.A. DekunetsMRNA expression of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines during tissue regeneration of skeletal muscles
V.V. Apokin, V.S. Pavlovskaya, V.D. PovzunFunctional state of cardiovascular system in highly-skilled swimmers at latitudinal displacement


O.N. Stepanova, D.O. Moreev, D.P. Stepanova, E.N. LatushkinaImage of women’s Olympic disciplines in single-sex sports
A.G. Gretsov, S.A. Vorobev, A.A. Antselovich Value-motivational aspects of anti-doping education
V.N. Irkhin, I.V. Irkhina, S.I. Ostapenko, L.E. PakhomovaAlgorithmic approach in physical education system