Sports law as academic discipline in vocational training of sports university students

Dr.Hab., Professor V.V. Ponomarev1, 2, 3, 4, 5
PhD, Associate Professor D.S. Prikhodov2
PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Ukolov4
1Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V. P. Astafyev; Krasnoyarsk
2Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk
3Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk
4Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, Zheleznogorsk
5Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Krasnoyarsk

Objective of the study was to conduct a theoretical analysis and substantiate the necessity to include the Sports Law discipline in the vocational training of sports university students.
Methods and structure of the study. We analyzed the scientific, methodical, and educational literature on the research topic and found that not enough work is being done by experts and scientists to design modern researches on the improvement of the content of sports law and its subsequent introduction into vocational training of sports university students of Russia. As practice shows, among other human activities, sports activities are becoming an important social phenomenon, which shapes many directions of human development. This creates many contradictions between the athlete, the state, the society, etc., which need to be regulated by the legal laws and relationships.
Results and conclusions. The analysis of the scientific and methodical literature, software, results of opinion polls, and questionnaire surveys on the considered problem showed that further developments in this area are insufficient. The main emphasis is on the textbook "Sports Law of Russia", developed by the well-known specialist in this field S.V. Alekseev. Sports law as an academic discipline is taught in Moscow universities only. There is a lack of qualified specialists in this field and practical framework, students want to get more and more knowledge, and for this purpose, it is necessary to launch sports law departments, expand the material base, etc. This allows for the conclusion that there is a need to include sports law as an academic discipline in vocational training of sports university students.

Keywords: sports law, academic discipline, vocational training, students, sports university.


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