Students' swimming skills for safe summer field practice

PhD N.N. Kladkin1
M.A. Fedorov1
L.P. Bugaeva1
1North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, Yakutsk

Objective of the study was to determine the level of students' swimming skills as one of the important conditions for ensuring safe summer field practice.
Methods and structure of the study. The study involved the first-year students (2018 year of enrollment) of 4 educational units: Geological Survey Department, Department of History, Mining Institute, and Institute of Natural Sciences. During the 4-month period - from February through May 2018 - we examined 143 boys and 104 girls, who made up 13 female groups and 19 male ones. The subjects were tested during regular and additional classes. The contingent of students was distributed as follows: DH-18, GSD-18, INS-18, MI-18.
The pedagogical effect was aimed to provide psychological support to students who did not know how to swim or were unsure about how to stay on the water surface. Such students were given the opportunity to enroll in swimming classes, which were held twice a week.
Results of the study and conclusions. Monitoring of the students' swimming skills indicated stable performance rates in the 50 m and 100 m distances in the GSD-18 and MI-18 groups, which can be explained by the fact that, in these educational units, in addition to the swimming practices in the 1st semester the boys attended elective swimming classes.
Early recognition of the lack of swimming skills in students and teaching them how to swim and behave on the water surface is an effective condition for preserving their life and health, as well as for maintaining their general and special physical working capacity, not only during the summer field practice but for life.

Keywords: swimming skills, field practice specialties, student, swimming, dynamics of covering distance, condition for safe summer field practice.


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