Physical education and sport sector management at provincial level in Canada

PhD T.V. Dolmatova1
PhD A.A. Baryaev2
1Federal Scientific Center for Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow
2St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

Objective of the study was to identify effective models of the education culture and sport sector organization and management at the regional level in Canada.
Methods and structure of the study. An institutional approach was applied to study the organizational structure of physical education and sports in accordance with the specifics of the administrative-territorial structure of Canada. The following research methods were applied: analysis of literary sources, case-study, generalization.
Results of the study and conclusions. The article presents the analysis of the current organization and management system in the sphere of physical education and sports at the provincial and territorial levels of Canada. By the example of the activities of local government and voluntary organizations, we showed the mechanisms for involving various population groups in physical education and sports activities at the local level. Thus, it is specialized organizations that organize and manage sports events and develop elite sports in the Canadian provinces: in British Columbia - "The British Columbia Games Society", in Manitoba - "Sport Manitoba", in Alberta - "Alberta Sport Connection", and in the Northwest territory - Sport North Federation.
Thus, the analysis shows that the development of elite sports through the coordination of regional sports federations in the Canadian provinces is often carried out by the specially established physical education and sports organizations rather than by the field-specific authorities, which is a characteristic feature of organization of physical education and sports in Canada.

Keywords: physical activity, mass sports, regional management.


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