Remote activities in physical education and sport knowledge building process in pre-school educational institutions

PhD, Associate Professor Yu.A. Melnikova1
PhD, Associate Professor N.V. Karpova2
PhD, Associate Professor I.V. Penkova3
PhD, Associate Professor V.P. Kartashev2
1Siberian State University of Physical Education, Omsk
2Russian State Social University, Moscow
3Omsk Academy of Ministry of internal Affairs of of Russian Federation, Omsk

Objective of the study was to determine the content of the remote physical education activities aimed to form elementary physical culture and sport knowledge in preschoolers.
Methods and structure of the study. Children's camp "Orlyonok" has been operating since 2007 and annually attracts 5.5 thousand preschoolers aged 5-7 years. The article presents the data on the children’s knowledge assessment for the period from 2013 through 2018 - a total of 25,000 preschoolers living in Omsk.
Results and conclusions. The article is devoted to the substantiation of remote physical education activities for preschoolers. The test structure and contents of the test tasks used to extend the preschoolers' elementary physical education and sport knowledge are proposed. The targeted use of remote physical education activities at preschool age supplements regular physical trainings and promotes children's conscious attitude to physical education, addressing the main sections and topics of the learning material.
The development and implementation of remote activities not only enables to assess the level of formation of physical education knowledge in preschool children but also expands their understanding of physical education and sport.

Keywords: physical education, preschoolers, remote activities, elementary knowledge, physical education and sport knowledge.


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